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NYRP, New Years, 2008, Party

To celebrate New Year’s Eve at the New Leaf Cafe: Click Here

  • “The Strip PodShow” are supposedly having an interview with Bette Midler on their podcast (audio only) this Christmas week. I’m trying to find out the exact date and time – sometimes they have listener call – ins. If I can’t find the info out you will still be able to here the interview in their archives. Your hosts will be Steve Friess and Miles Smith.

    Check them out: Click Here

  • Announces Top Grossing Ticket Sales Rankings of 2007.

    Sales data used to determine the rankings is based on TicketNetwork Exchange statistics from the dates December 15, 2006 to December 15, 2007. Of course I’m just going to show you the Bette-related one:

  • Las Vegas will miss Céline Dion. Sin City’s premier songstress reigned supreme over the Las Vegas rankings all year with her production “A New Day…” grossing more than the combined sales of the other nine top events. Her successor, Bette Midler, earns a spot in the Vegas rankings at number five long before she even steps on the stage.

    1. Céline Dion: A New Day…
    2. Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE
    3. Cirque du Soleil: “O”
    4. Elton John: The Red Piano
    5. Bette Midler
    6. Monty Python’s Spamalot
    7. Blue Man Group
    8. David Copperfield
    9. Le Rêve
    10. Cirque du Soleil: KÀ

  • Bruce Vilanch Talks Writer’s Strike with Bill O’Reilly (I say, you go, Bruce…I just can’t help but laugh when I watch Bill!): Click Here
  • I have to admit I didn’t look into this much at first, but I’ve been dipping my big toe into the waters lately and I have found it to be fascinating, confusing, disturbing on some levels, and scared to death of the onslaught of reality shows heading our way (well, some I do like). I’ve always had an affinity for writers and songwriters…they just don’t get the recognition they deserve. If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t have great shows with great characters nor beautiful songs that touch us with their lyrics and melodies. Often times the actor or singer is credited with it as far as the public goes….and it just drives me bat-poop! And yes, you do have performers who do it all….but you get my drifteroo, I’m sure.

    There is a good chance that there will be no Oscar’s nor Golden Globe’s for the first time in history….and this little queen can’t bare the thought of that! That’s blasphemy!!! Anyway, hopefully, I can get some info from Bruce Vilanch or maybe he will stop by and make some comments. Most of this stuff I will cover on his site: In the meantime, maybe we could help by watching less TV and reading more…sending a message to the congloms that seem to hold all the cards…

    For the time being I am revamping his site a little, but will be posting news over a little lightly over the holidays, so keep checking there for updates and don’t forget you can subscribe to his site as well. Currently he is working hard on Bette’s Vegas show…which has nada to do with the strike…the strike focuses on digital rights management.

  • I have no idea what the deadline is to have the Oprah/Bette project in…but I wouldn’t sit on your booties too long after the holidays. If your’re going to do it, just get it done! You might also try to write in the content box on the contest page as to when the deadline might be.

    If a bunch of us did that…surely someone could get an answer or they’d post it. Click Here

  • For all you MySpacer’s: I had an email conversation with Baltoboy Steve this morning who told me has a page, but has never known really what to do with it except feature his photograhy. He said to tell everyone that he does have original photos of Bette that he took that are in his pics folder. To view them, you will have to have a My Space account. Anyway, all you BetteHeads should give him an official welcome. He’s been an integral part of BLB since the beginning.

    Show him some love!!!!!!!!!!!: Click Here

  • I have opened up BLB for donations thru PayPal – Mister D’s Ol’ Tin Cup – don’t get your panties in a knot, this is not manditory…everything will always be free to everyone, as usual. It’s for those that want to show their appreciation if they would like. Nothing changes, except I do hope to keep making all my sites a much better experience for everyone. That will happen regardless of donations or not. I just appreciate you goils and boils for showing up all these years.
  • Thanks to everyone for the Christmas ecards and even the real cards you get in the mail! Dang, that made my days brighter. I think I replied to everyone, but if not, I missed you by accident…..
  • Have a wonderful Holdiay however you celebrate..wishing you all Peace, Love, Happiness, and Good Health!

    Much love,

    Mister D

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