Updates: 12-26-7

Mister D: You can chat with Bette (call-ins and chat room) if you go to LVRocks.com. I’ll provide the link, but you need to get there figure out how this thing works. I don’t do those chat things, so I’d appreciate some young whippersnapper to explain how it works if comments start appearing in this post. Here’s the link: Click Here

The Strip is LIVE tonight @ 7:05 pm PT w/ Bette!

Join us for part one of our chat with the brilliant Bette Midler and a whole lot more tonight at LVROCKS.Com. Come on down at about 7:00 PT/10:00 ET and enter the chat room for the final show of 2007, not to mention great company!<

Mister D: You can call the show live Toll Free Outside of Vegas 1.866.587.6257 (or) from Vegas call 383.8120 You can also email the hosts during the show….you’ll see the email box in the bottom right hand corner

If you can’t do the live thing the podcast can be heard starting Thursday:
Click Here

Hope some of you guys get through…of course make a comment here if you do….

There will be a CD in February being sold at the Bette merchandise store called “Jackpot” It has been referred to on Wkipedia as “Best Bette” Rhino is the label it will be on. I was told today that it would probably only be available in the Las Vegas Store, but they weren’t sure. My guess is that we’ll all have a chance to get it one way or another. From what I was told there will be no new material…bah humbug! Also they couldn’t tell me how many tracks.

Look for an online Bette Store soon at Bette’s Official site: www.bettemidler.com There will be some fun merchandise I’m sure!


From Ticketnews.com: Bette steps her game up to the Number One position now that Celine Dion has taken her final bow (for now) at Ceasar’s Palace

1. Bette Midler
2. Cirque du Soleil: “O”
3. Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE
4 Elton John: The Red Piano
5. Barry Manilow: Music and Passion
6. Blue Man Group
7. Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular
8. David Copperfield
9. Penn & Teller
10. V – The Ultimate Variety Show

PS: I’ll be having my Christmas tonight with Barry so I won’t be online much at all this evening. Enjoy all this news….

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2 thoughts on “Updates: 12-26-7

  1. Unfortunately, it wasn’t live. The interview was done back in November, before they even knew for sure what the show would be called. Here I was all excited thinking it would be a live chat. . .

    It was a nice interview though, and part 2 will be aired in two weeks.

  2. Hey Suzanne:

    I am so sorry to hear that. The whole thing was so confusing to me, but they sure made it seem live to me…I even tried to get a response, but none.

    Thanks for letting me know….

    Love, Mister D

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