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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

Mister D: I added “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” to the playlist….this will be deleted tomorrow, the explosions are driving me nuts…I know, I know…it’s debatable Thank you ladies and germs for another great year. I thought I’d be closing this place down long ago, but here we are going strong on our 7th year with publishings almost daily. No other website has been able to do that and stay sane….uh oh!!!! Oh well, you can’t have it all!!!! 🙂 Love you all and thanks for all the joy you bring me. Love, Mister D
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Leonard Maltin Lists The Five Best Movies of 2008 You Didn’t See

Leonard Maltin Lists The Five Best Movies of 2008 You Didn’t See by Leonard Maltin Please forgive the presumptuousness of my headline. If you’re a dedicated filmgoer you may already know some of these titles. Yet in our media-driven, blockbuster-oriented society most people don’t hear about smaller, offbeat movies and if they do they don’t go out to see them. Some people are actually wary of movies they haven’t seen advertised on TV, billboards and bus ads. Sometimes a good movie manages to build word of mouth, fueled by positive reviews and an award or two; this year’s success story may well be Slumdog Millionaire, which deserves all the praise it’s receiving. That said, here are five good movies I think you ought to try. They’re as good as any of the box-office hits of 2008—if not better. All of them except Let the Right One In is available on DVD. Then She Found Me – Helen Hunt directed, co-wrote and stars in this entertaining comedy-drama about a schoolteacher who’s contacted by her birth mother at a particularly vulnerable moment in her life. Colin Firth, Bette Midler and Matthew Broderick costar. If this had been released by a Hollywood studio it could have been a mainstream hit. Chop Shop – A 12-year-old Hispanic boy fends for himself on the mean streets of New York City while living in the auto-body shop where he works during the day. This vivid slice of life is reminiscent of Italian neorealist films of the 1940s like Open City. As in Rahmin Bahrani’s previous film, Man Push Cart, the actors here don’t seem to be acting at all, let alone following a script. Ghost Town – British comedian Ricky Gervais stars in this engaging comedy-fantasy as an acerbic Manhattan dentist dogged by recently-deceased Greg Kinnear, a ghostly figure who needs to clear up unfinished business with his ex-wife, nicely played by Téa Leoni. Filmmaker David Koepp wisely allowed Gervais to ad-lib freely and retain his uniquely snarky sense of humor…yet in spite of that he emerges as a very likable romantic leading man. Let the Right One In – I can’t stomach horror-torture films like Saw but this Swedish import has style and smarts to go along with its shocks (and they are substantial). It’s 2008’s “other” vampire movie, about a lonely boy who comes to realize that the strange girl next door is in fact a bloodsucker. This one is still playing in a number of theaters around the country, and is well worth seeking out. The Wackness – The setting is New York City in 1994, and our hero (Josh Peck) is an alienated high-school senior who finds independence by selling pot. His best customer is a hippie-ish psychiatrist who trades advice for grass, and expects young Peck to steer clear of his young, attractive daughter. The shrink is played by Ben Kingsley with great gusto and humor, and he alone makes the movie worth seeing. Writer-director Jonathan Levine captures the time and place quite well. Leonard Maltin is writing a book for HarperStudio about the 100 best movies you probably haven’t seen.
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Monday, December 29, 2008

A Request From Miss Mary

Hi Fellow BetteHeads, I find myself in a bit of a quandary, so Don was kind enough to let me ask my extended family for help. I was good girl this year and Santa rewarded me with a bonanza of iTune gift cards. I found out I need some medical torture for the next few months and severely need to get some new tunes on the old IPOD. Here’s where you come in, I’m asking people to recommend artists, songs, etc… Music is my lifeline and I need to be getting in motion quick so I need you to help me find some new or rememberable old favorites. I like everything from Bette to Bluegrass and Bach to Beyonce’. I need rev me up to get me going music all the way to slow me down and make me sleepy. So…do me a favor and send me some of your favs! You can hit me up on facebook (Mary Russell) or e-mail me at Wishing all an Awesome 2009…..BetteHeads are the best, xoxox Mary PS: This is from Mister D. and I can’t say more than Mary will let me, but her procedure is much more concerning than she is letting on, so please feel free to open up with all types of favorites. No choice is bad here. Just a girl looking for some music her Bette peers enjoy! Thank you so much! And write her…she won’t bite unless you say bad things about me!!!!! LOL Love, Mister D
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New CrossWord Puzzle At Bette On The Boards

PUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO THE TEST – SPECIAL HOLIDAY CROSSWORD PUZZLE Online Version (features a prize) Printable Version ALSO RECENT UPDATES INCLUDE Vegetable Soup Woody The Spoon Recipes Mister D WILL NOT BE TASTING Any Cooking From This Group! Please visit Bette on the Boards: Click Here
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Exclusive Room & Spa Package for Bette Midler Fans! Starting at $120/night!

Exclusive Room & Spa Package for Bette Midler Fans! Starting at $120/night! Enjoy Entertainment, Save on Luxury! Make plans to see Bette Midler’s spectacular musical revue, The Showgirl Must Go On, at Caesars Palace this winter. With this exclusive online offer, we invite you to indulge in a relaxing getaway package including: * One Night Classic Accommodations * Two Roman Ritual Passes to Qua Baths & Spa including entry to the mineral hot/cool Roman Baths, Laconium Room-sauna and steam baths, Tea Lounge, and the refreshing Arctic Ice Room with heated floors and benches and falling snow relieves your stress Click “Find Tickets” to get your show tickets and then click “Book Package” to redeem the rest of this offer. Hurry–this offer is only valid until January 29!
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Are You One Of The Unforeseen Clamorers Feb 20th

If so, ya have to admit ya look kinda goofy!!!! LOL
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

“Superstar” Co-writer Dies In LA At Age Of 69

Songwriter Delaney Bramlett dies in LA at 69. The Associated Press Posted: 12/27/2008 04:27:57 PM PST LOS ANGELES—Singer-songwriter-producer Delaney Bramlett, who penned classic rock songs such as “Let it Rain” and worked with musicians George Harrison and Eric Clapton, has died. He was 69. Bramlett died Saturday shortly before 5 a.m. at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center in Los Angeles as a result of complications from gall-bladder surgery, his wife Susan Lanier-Bramlett said. Born in Mississippi, Bramlett enjoyed a career in the music business that spanned 50 years. He is perhaps best known for standards such as “Superstar,” co-written with Leon Russell, which was recorded by Usher, Luther Vandross, Bette Midler (Mister D: He co-wrote “Superstar” with then wife Bonnie Bramlett, and Leon Russell), The Carpenters and most recently, Sonic Youth, in a version featured on the Grammy-nominated soundtrack of the movie “Juno.” He also co-wrote “Let it Rain” with British guitarist Clapton, who also recorded it, and “Never Ending Song of Love,” which was recorded by more than 100 artists including Ray Charles, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Patty Loveless and Dwight Yoakam. During his career, he performed, co-wrote or recorded with stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Dave Mason, Billy Preston, the Everly Brothers and Mac Davis. He also produced artists including Etta James and Elvin Bishop. He recently released an album “A New Kind of Blues,” on independent label Magnolia Gold Records. He is survived by his wife, three daughters: Michele Bramlett, Suzanne Bramlett and Bekka Bramlett-Britt, a son Dylan Thomas, and a brother John Bramlett. Services are pending.
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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Seattle Times Most Dubious Achievement Awards

This year’s Dubious Achievement Awards in Film go to … By Moira Macdonald Seattle Times movie critic Continuing in a long tradition started by my predecessor and friend John Hartl, here are a few award categories you won’t see at the Oscars … Best performance in a lost cause: Judy Greer in “27 Dresses”; Alan Rickman in “Nobel Son”; Colin Farrell in “Cassandra’s Dream”; Forest Whitaker in “Vantage Point”; Bette Midler in “Then She Found Me”; Billy Bob Thornton in “Eagle Eye”; and almost everybody in “W.,” particularly Josh Brolin and James Cromwell. Best performance by an animal: All those puppies (and their grown-up counterparts) in “Marley & Me” and that very charismatic sea lion in “Nim’s Island.” Best credit: “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,” with its sleek ’30s fashions, had not one but two names credited as “corsetier.” Worst impression of Seattle: In “88 Minutes,” Seattle was played by Vancouver, B.C., which might have been OK except for all those visible signs with Canadian spellings (e.g., “centre”). Biggest disappointment: “Synecdoche, New York,” the directing debut of the great screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (“Being John Malkovich,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”), was a so-high-concept-you-can’t-see-over-it misstep. Best use of a cellphone: The dramatic, slow drop of a phone in the New York Public Library, bringing terrible news to a character already in her wedding dress, in “Sex and the City: The Movie.” Worst use of a cellphone: “Body of Lies,” in which Russell Crowe delivered pretty much his entire performance into one. Best performance by a body part: Did the title of “Fool’s Gold” refer to Matthew McConaughey’s burnished, sculpted and ever-unclothed chest? It certainly deserved top billing. Best unprintable signature line: The way Colin Farrell’s character kept referring to the city of Bruges, in “In Bruges.” No, of course I can’t repeat it. Best popcorn movies: “Iron Man,” “The Dark Knight,” “Australia,” “Sex and the City: The Movie” (but only if you were a fan of the show) and “Baby Mama.” Most unnecessary sequel: “Saw V” (will this franchise ever end?) and “Step Up 2 the Streets,” a straight-to-DVD effort if there ever was one. Worst wait-for-the-sequel-ending: Yes, we know there’s going to be a sequel to “Twilight” — thanks to all those ominous close-ups of characters who were barely in the first movie but will presumably loom large in the next one.

Best evidence that the art of screwball comedy is alive: ...  Read More

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RIP Eartha Kitt: 1927 – 2008 December 26th, 2008

The Huffington Post Eartha Kitt: My Encounter with a Legend By Bruce Vilanch Of course I adored and wanted to be Catwoman. That goes without saying. Eartha Kitt was another matter. I had interviewed her once for the Chicago Tribune. It was a couple of years after she told Lady Bird Johnson what she thought of LBJ’s Vietnam war. Unfortunately, she chose to tell her at a girly luncheon all about Lady Bird’s beautification program. Eartha took the entire luncheon off-message and maintained that she didn’t work for eleven years after that, but here it was l971 and she was headlining a nightclub in Chicago. She’d already been a legend for twenty years, and legends have very vague calendars. I had a great time interviewing Eartha. who spent a lot of time telling me how she had created Eartha and was now spending the seventh day resting. The next great time I had with her was about a decade and a half later,and this time I got to participate in the creation. Things were slow-ish for both of us. I had just been fired after refusing to do free rewrites on my script of Can’t Stop the Music, widely considered to be the best first-draft screenplay since Citizen Kane. One of the benefits of working on the Village People movie was I got to see them all naked which, at the time, helped me see lots of other people naked, from villages far and wide. The other benefit was I met Jacques Morali, the insane gay French Jew who created the group and wrote their songs. In another pocket of his existence, Jacques annually created a score for the Crazy Horse show in Paris. Spectacular showgirls lip-synched the English lyrics as well as spectacular showgirls could to an audience of non-English speakers who had about as much interest in the lyrics as Lorenz Hart might have had in the showgirls. Armed with this knowledge, Jacques asked me to write a lyric to one of his disco tunes. And he had another reason. “The girrrrl will be lap-sinking to Eartha Kitt. And zo the lyrics need to be special.” Will she be doing an Eartha Kitt impression? “Don’t be bizarre. It is not a drag show. Eartha is sitting on a hill in Connecticut, not working. She will record this one thing.” The song was called “Where is My Man?” It’s about Eartha and her endless search for a soul-mate who never met Bernard Madoff. I sent the lyrics to Eartha. A day later, she called. “Brrrrruce, my love. Where have you been since 1952? This is so, so Eartha. But listen, I’ve never done this disco music before, so you must make a recording of this just the way you want me to phrase it so we get the maximum Eartha out of it.” If I didn’t know that Ashton Kutcher had not yet been born, I would assume I was punked. Moi, teach Eartha Kitt how to phrase? Naturally, I fired off the cassette, which prompted another call from Eartha, threatening to sue me into the next world if I ever dressed up like Jim Bailey and did her act. She then went to New York and recorded the song with Jacques. During the session, they called. There was a long dance break on the record and Jacques felt she should cover it with something, something Eartha-esque. I dragged out my best trans-continental Eartha and purred, “I want a man…with a big…big…big…big…..big….yacht.” Notice I resisted dinghy. And please enter it into the record. They loved the song at the Crazy Horse, Jacques and his business partner Henri Belolo released the song as a single, it became a gigantic dance record all over the world, I got to tip several people lavishly, and suddenly Eartha was Back. She never had charts for a full orchestra, and disco music always sounds silly when attacked by a trio, so she never performed the song in public outside of singing it to track at huge discos. But we did record an entire album of equally Eartha-esque disco songs, in which she continued her poignant search for a relationship with a man of color, clarity, cut and carat. I feel her pain. To this day, I will walk into disco and hear her asking, “where is my man?” You ain’t the only one, sister!
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The Best Bette – The Bette Midler Christmas Show

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