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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Please Take The Following Two Polls And Comment If You Will

Mister D: Maybe those that are going could introduce themselves in the comment section and figure out a way to meet. Just a thought… Opinion Polls & Market Research
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Video Cast, Vid-Cast, VLOG, Whatever!: Take This Poll Please!

I need to work on some personal things, catch up on email, and then update all blogs. So take your time with this, and be honest. If there's no interest, well then I won't do it. I thought it could be fun, experimental, and interesting just to see where it leads. And the best part, you might get to see me fall flat on my face!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Save The Date: Miss M To Be Presenter At The Grammy’s Feb. 10 – Uh, Maybe

Although this is making the rounds, I received word from Miss Midler's camp, that it's more like a big "Maybe" Many, including myself, shall be pressuring her. But for me, I'm safe, cause I'm pressuring "from a distance." 🙂

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taking A Little Coffee Break

Hey ladies and germs: Just to let you know…I’ll be taking a couple of days off to catch up on some personal things…like my real life! LOL I’ll keep allowing comments to come in and if I find out any big news, well of course I will post that. This has been fun…I love seeing the interaction on the boards. So thanks to all who are participating…and for others, don’t be afraid to chime in. I’ll be back in a flash, hopefully with new music up, the theme being…what else, VD or Valentine’s Day, but maybe I’ll throw in a few zappers to take the edge off the sugariness of it all. And a new poll…I know they’re not the rage, but I like them. I’m trying to gear up to do a video cast, vlog, vid-cast, and whatever else they might be called. Of course it would start out very simple…maybe send me a topic, email, etc….and I’ll answer or riff on it for whatever amount of time necessary. Eventually I’d like to incorporate music, interviews, and the like. I’d like feedback on this if you don’t mind. You can make comments here or email me at: Thank you so much and see you a little bit later…. Love, Mister D
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“Then She Found Me” To PLay Cleveland International Film Festival

The Plain Dealer Helen Hunt’s Then She Found Me’ to kick off Cleveland International Film Festival Tuesday, January 29, 2008 “Then She Found Me” will kick off the 32nd Cleveland International Film Festival on Thursday, March 6. The romantic comedy is the directing debut of actress Helen Hunt, who stars as a woman confused by the foibles of adoption, birth parents and finding love. “Then She Found Me,” based on the Elinor Lipman novel, is a rare departure for the festival because the film features a string of well-known names: Colin Firth, Matthew Broderick and Bette Midler. Hunt will not be in Cleveland, but Lipman will introduce the film during opening night at Tower City Cinemas. The festival runs from March 6 through Sunday, March 16. Go to
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A Little Surprise From Da’Vi (Thank You) For Those Who Couldn’t See

I'm talking "The Big O" episode...enjoy and make sure to thank Da'Vi....

Love, Mister D

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Lucky…Those Summer Tix Sales Just Started Yesterday

Mister D: What’s the point of signing up for mailing lists or alerts if you’re not going to be informed ahead of time…???? Anybody “allowed” to explain? It’s not an unfair question…. • January 28, 2008 More Midler Dates Announced While the rumored-to-be-imminent confirmation of Cher’s supposed May arrival on the Las Vegas Strip is still awaited, we can confirm that Bette Midler will not be peforming in May or early June, but has just announced the next series of dates for her The Showgirl Must Go On production at Caesars’ Colosseum. Tickets went on sale today for dates commencing Tuesday, June 24 and running through Sunday, July 27, with the show performing five nights a week at 7:30 p.m. (dark Mondays and Thursdays). Bette Midler will perform approximately 100 shows per year in her contracted run, which premieres February 20. Tickets can be purchased by calling 877/723-8836, online at, or in person at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace box office, open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and are $95, $140, $175, and $250, plus handling fees.
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What Made The News? Bette, Of Course! (Thanks Da’Vi)

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Summer Bette Shows Already On Sale!
Why Weren’t We Informed????

Thanks to "G" I found out tickets have already gone on sale. I'm pissed. I never received notification from Ticketmaster nor did I get a message from Bette's Official Site. Unless it ended up in my spam folder. If no alerts were sent out by neither, what a slap in the face to those of us who signed up for stuff like this...we shouldn't have to check everyday with guesswork....that's why one has an official site....I may be out of line, I can't go anyway, but I'm very disappointed and I know a lot of fans that will be, too. Quit putting us on the backburner.

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A BaltoBoy Experiment: Bette, Soph – Soph, Bette

Photoshop: Baltoboy Steve – Soph with Bette’s hair Photoshop: Baltoboy Steve – Bette with Soph’s hair. PS: That’s all for me today. I’m behind on some schoolwork, under the weather, and a little punchy…so talk amongst yourselves. As always thanks for participating in the comments section…there has been no name calling or anything…so a round of applause to you all. And thanks so much to those that help me out. You know who you be…. AND CONGRATS AGAIN TO LIZ!!!!! I TOTALLY SEE WHY SHE WAS PICKED. SHE’S A DYNAMO!!! AND THANKS TO CAESAR”S PALACE FOR THE CONTESTS AND/OR PARTICIPATING IN THEM! Love (as if you couldn’t), Mister D
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