Tid-Bettes: Oprah Hopah…Mister D & Guest…VideoCasting

Mister D:

* I just wanted to let you know I had a reader write in today and he said that Oprah’s producer’s contacted him for the first time TODAY. So some of you worrying about that second or third call, this is good news. Supposedly they have a lot of *calls to make he said. So don’t give up and give yourself a little pat on the back that you even got called…anywho, I just thought ya’ll might like to know. So good luck.

* On my own site I’m having a little fun with the Golden Globes with friends and family…and a few guest stars that will be sharing their picks for the best of the best…so far Mister Vilanch and Ms. Elinor Lipman (author of “Then She Found Me”) have sent in their choices which I’ll publish on Sunday. I’ll be working on getting some others, too. Who wouldn’t want to hear from my Mama D and Papa D and my brother Woody’s choices…and hopefully some other surprises.

Most of all I’d love for ya’ll to come over and make your choices. It’s easy to do even if you haven’t seen half the movies or TV shows…just pick your favorites or what you’ve heard of the most. Of course, this is really for those people who love movies and TV. Just go to www.thedivinemisterd.com and copy/paste the nominations I have up, make your choices, and then post in the comment box.

Unfortunately, they are not airing the Globes due to the writer’s strike, but they will be announcing the winners at a press conference within a day. Have your posts up by Sunday afternoon. I was thinking about giving out a small prize for the person who gets the most nominations right in the major categories: which would be the shows (Globes take into account movies and TV) best actors/actresses, supporting actors/actresses, best writers categories and directors. I can’t promise a prize (tight money and of course this little game is international…so we’ll see. This is mainly for fun. Here’s the direct link to the nominations…I should have the trailers finished by tomorrow which might help…as you can tell this is pretty last minute, but so what. For the direct link: Click Here

* I will be starting a videocast in a couple of weeks…this could be a real disaster I know, but I’m going to take the risk. A lot will depend on you. I’ll need questions from you…good, bad, ugly..I will try to answer what I can. Let me know whether you want your first name used or remain anonymous. I may start out the show with a live piano/vocal performance and then take reader’s questions.

For future episodes, Ms. Lipman will be answering questions via telephone close to the opening of “Then She Found Me,” and Bruce Vilanch may be on phone close to the opening of his next movie “Tru Loved.” And yes, you can write in your questions…you can make them Bette-related, but also remember to ask things about them, their creative process, and stuff like that there. I don’t really need to be telling you that anyway…so just tell me to “shut up.” If this works out, I’ll branch out into other areas that sometimes might not have to do with Bette…but usually I can work her name into everything…LOL I’d like to get some songwriters in the room with me. And hopefully it will just get better and better. Any good ideas for the shows name?

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10 thoughts on “Tid-Bettes: Oprah Hopah…Mister D & Guest…VideoCasting

  1. OMG!! thanks for posting that about the Oprah producers! thanks also to everyone of us who are waiting for contacting Mister D, as well…it really is to our benefit to have the group up-to-spee, so to speak…think about it…there’s probably some out there that don’t have anyone’s thoughts or knowledge to pull from…I find solace in this blog…it is helping me “hurry up and wait”…thanks ever so! I really have just surrendered this up and am trying to just go on with my life…well, I know YOU know that’s kinda hard at this point!! so again, thanks to Mister D for being such a help by just keeping us informed as he learns more who/what/when and stuff like that…and without us reporting to him, he’d no much less, so YAY for us…

    ok, mister…since you asked…I’ll play…here’s a couple of thoughts on a “name” for your new show…

    MRviDeoCAST or MRviDeoTOO

    I tried different spellings and combos of ideas, and once I “Googled” them, these are some that had no links at all…something I am sure you want to consider…it has to be “exclusive” I am pretty sure…or it would be a good idea for it to be the “one and only”…right? ok, I am rambling…*zips her mouth shut*

    (just my 3.5 cents worth!)

  2. UP to “SPEE”…??? ummmm I hope you know I meant “speed”…not spew, or pee..or anything related to bodily fluids…

  3. LOL…you have the same sense of humor, I guess, that I do…with your second post. I would have written back and said almost the same thing.

    Thanks for the names…you really put a lot of thought into that and I appreciate it….

    And you are so right about the community thing. I try to stress that a lot…yes I know some things, but for the most part it is a give and take operation here sometimes…and it’s very valuable to all of us…so thank you for bringing that up….

    NOW…I expect you to go over to my other site and make your choices for the Golden Globes…no excuses!!!! 🙂

    Love, Mister D

  4. oh, sweetie…I had the whole ballot thing filled out over on your other site…copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste…great!! then my lame butt hits enter before “copying” the entire field I filled in (I always highlight & hit “CNTL+C” whenever I am doing lots of typing, just to be safe when I “submit” something…just so I won’t loose it…well, since I forgot to fill out the “name” box, I got and “error”…grrrrrrrr….so I’ll have to go work on it later!! I tried to get back on just now and the page just won’t load for me now….
    point is…I even wrote in a few nominations, too (he-he-he-he…besides, you said this was for fun, right??)…I just feel like they left off some great ones, you know?? I watch UGLY BETTY, PUSHING DAISIES, BIG LOVE and DEXTER…you can imagine I had some write-ins! yep, even Digby, the dog from DAISIES…he’s so cute!
    if I don’t get back around over there, please don’t hate me, but I will try…oh, and my biggest problem with the Globes is how they combine the Supporting Actors/Actresses in series, mini-series and TV movie…both comedy and drama performances…it’s just too broad for my liking…yeah, I think Kristen Chenoweth should have been nominated for DAISIES, for sure…I was upset about that…

  5. G – you sound so much like me….that’s something I would do. I’ve been getting submissions from my guests and what they are doing is copy pasting the noms and then just putting 3 astericks by the one they think will win….I never would have thought to do that….LOL

    Love, Don

  6. wow…that’s kinda obvious, in a way…but yeah, I never would have thought to do it either (LoL!!)
    thanks for mentioning it…that I CAN do! so, I’ll stop by your site later tonight or tomorrow afternoon…

    glad I found you, dear…you fit right in with some of my other e-pals from my sites…you’d think as big of a fan as I am of Bette that I would have found this site WAY earlier…certainly I “Googled” her many times…and I am a member on her website, but I never came to this site before…and it’s all because I was searching the other day “Bette + Oprah”…and I only did that to see if I could find info out once I got a phone call!!

    so, I see it like this…because of this whole Oprah thingy, whatever is is, I found you/your sites…and even if I don’t get to be one of the “chosen,” I now have a new friend…and we ALL know what Bette says about FRIENDS!!! this whole deal over the last month or so…it’s been most random and a real positive experience on SO many levels…no complaints at all…

    ttyl hugs ~ g

  7. Glad you found me and the BetteHeads, too. I’ve had this site since 2002 and it’s a pretty big hit…You also need to check out my friend, Darrell’s site, http://www.betteontheboards.com he covers Bette’s early career from the 70’s to the early 80’s….just awesome.

    I’ve had my ups and downs with this site….RIGHT LADIES AND GERMS????? But it has brought me incredible luck and has introduced me to some awesome people, The BetteHeads….I’m supposed to update my thank you page and the others about me, but there’s so many to thank, i’m going to miss someone….

    Later…my eyes are bugging out


  8. Spence: I always thought I coined it. I always used it in the Yahoo Club, too. I used it as a take off on the Grateful Dead whose fans referred to them as “DeadHeads,” but I sure ain’t going to argue about it…my memory is so lacking I don’t know.

    I remember when you came into the club, but that doesn’t mean anything either. I think it came into use around 2000. It’s been around so long, I just can’t remember. It’s probably best if we all claim it and just be a part of it.

    I’ll have your stuff up for Monday, too. Hope you got my email.

    We’re trying to fix the Bruce site comments…it gets spammed so bad that I had to turn the comments off….


    Mister D

  9. Hey, my beautiful BetteHead MySpacer’s:

    I remember that, too, but that was after crap on the Yahoo Boards. I’m pretty sure it happened on that message board before I and some others started having fights, and I ended up creating Bootleg Betty to get away. All I know is I’m pretty sure it originated there…I used it all the time and I explained I took it from the Grateful Dead. I’m going to still say it was me and if it wasn’t it was from one of the main people who participated on the boards in the dinosaur age. The only other person I would even consider as the source was a nice guy on there named Jimbo…we were the 2 that used it the most….But I like that it caught on and I’m glad somebody finally used it in a group capacity which is a nod to you at MySpace….

    Love, Mister D

  10. Hello, Stranger…
    How about THIS for the name of your Videocast: “Mister D’s Playhouse”.
    I think I’m too late for the Awards but I HOPE Alec Baldwin wins for “Best Male in A Comedy Series”, & I’m also hoping for “The Office”.
    Thanks for all you do, & PLEASE don’t ever stop what yer doin’. My best to Barry…
    With MUCH Love,

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