And The Winners Of “Mister D’s First Annual Golden Globes Contest” Are….

Well, since I don’t have an update thingie on my own site (well I just did, but too late for this announcement) I thought I’d send this alert out concerning the Golden Globe Winner(s) on my own site: (hope I got this right Jacob! 🙂 ). They are both Betteheads, so, I thought it would be okay to get their attention.

The subscription by email on my Divine Mister D site is run by feedburner. It only sends you an update when I update the site, but you choose the time you want to receive it. At least that’s the way I think it works. So it won’t be so annoying for those who think that some times I’m a tad bit hard to swallow. IAnd really, I did not mean it to sound that way, but I’m kind of glad it does…) Truth hurts sometimes.

Okay, I must be very tired. Please sign up at my own site….there will be more writing…some fun, some disturbing, some so poppy culture sweet, some so evil, some things that might make you cry, and then more awards, movies, music, Tv, theatre, and politics….Oy on the latter.

Thanks for letting me disturb your sleeping…

Love, Mister D

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