Vanity Fair February Issue: The Cast Of “The Women” Photo Shoot

Mister D: Most of the cast is photograped, but Ms. Midler is missing… she must have been busy with Vegas….

The new Vanity Fair has a sitting with the stars of the long-awaited remake of “The Women,” directed by Murphy Brown creator Diane English.

Some surprises among the cast: Eva Mendes in Joan Crawford’s role. On IMDB’s listing, Mendes get top billing, over a cast that includes: Annette Bening (in Rosalind Russell’s role), Meg Ryan (hmmm..), Candice Bergen, FOTAK (Friend Of Tom And Katie) Jada Pinkett Smith, and Bette Midler.

The pic that I saw is so small, I can’t make out if it’s Bette or not sitting. I’ll put it up and try to find something better.

Love, Mister D

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2 thoughts on “Vanity Fair February Issue: The Cast Of “The Women” Photo Shoot

  1. Yeah I found a pic….and the one I thought might be Bette in the teeny pic was Cloris Leachman….ouch! I was off on that one.

    She must have been in Vegas working hard….

    Love, Don

    PS: Info from Oprah coming….

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