Video Cast, Vid-Cast, VLOG, Whatever!: Take This Poll Please!

Mister D: Really, how simple is this….another little poll, please take.

If you are interested, leave topics or suggestions in the comments section or email me. If you’re not interested, feel free to say why. This is not to be a gossip type thing…but something just for fun.

I need to work on some personal things, catch up on email, and then update all blogs. So take your time with this, and be honest. If there’s no interest, well then I won’t do it. I thought it could be fun, experimental, and interesting just to see where it leads. And the best part, you might get to see me fall flat on my face!

Love, Mister D

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9 thoughts on “Video Cast, Vid-Cast, VLOG, Whatever!: Take This Poll Please!

  1. Mr. D, we do not want to see you fall flat on your face! Like all of your other sites as well as BLB we enjoy is when you succeed! Your sense of humor, your joy of life (I was gonna say your joi de vive but didn’t know how to spell it) and your overall fun demeanor are so enjoyable to check in with everyday and I think getting to see video of you as well will make an already great site spectacular. Okay, where’s my 100 buck? 😉

  2. Don,
    I love your videocast idea. It would be awesome to get to know a bit more of your music taste. I mean the music you’re listening to beyond Bette Midler. You could recommend or introduce some artist or songs new/old -just everything you like.
    I’m gonna think about some other topics later… you know, final exams tomorrow.

    P.S. who the f*** is Rush Limbaugh?

  3. I agree, would LOVE to see a “Vlog”. It would be great!

    And Katrin, regarding Rush.. you don’t want to know. He’s a complete waste of space (actually, he’s a conservative radio talk show host with horrible ideas).

  4. Go for it, Don!!! You CAN do it!! 🙂 This site has been amazing since it’s get-go. In between your self-imposed hiatuses (hiatusi??? lol)….you always come back, rarin’ to go; and adding comments…has been nice, too!! Again…GO FOR IT!! :))

  5. Great to see you on here Susan! xxxooo

    Thank you Stephen, and thanks Katrin (remember you’re not supposed to be on here!!! Back to finals!) Also Katrin…maybe you and Crystal would like to do a little interview! 🙂

    Love, Mister D

  6. So, are you going to be the new Oprah and have a book club and back a presidential candidate??
    Just a little Philly humor – ya know I love ya!

  7. you will NOT fall flat on your face…and even if you just tripped a little, it would still be uber fun and you would make it totally enjoyable for us all…you are fab and anything you do viDeo-wise will be fab, too!

    but I have to ask, same lines as ~ J did…will you have a NETWORK, too???? like Miss Winfrey’s “O.W.N.”….only yours will be “D.O.N.”….Don’s Own Network…right??!!

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