Updates: 02-04-08

Mister D: Good news! Darrell is putting up some new videos and some of his own personal creations. They are all Bette, but with a little twist. This is Darrell’s specialty, so you know it’s going to be great. I know you’re thinking….well what the hell is your specialty Mister D? And to both of you I say…whining and bitching. And you LOVE IT!!! OKay here are the links to Darrell Redmond’s fabulous site and works…and if you enjoy this, make sure to thank Darrell directly:

Bette On The Boards
The Atlantic Recording Sessions: Click Here

Also check out the Audio / Video section for a few personal video creations: Click Here

February 2008

Stay With Me
A Progression Through Time

A Film By Darrell Redmond

For Video Of Month:
Click Here

Here’s Darrells Email (scroll down to bottom of page): Click Here

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4 thoughts on “Updates: 02-04-08

  1. BRAVO, BRAVO AND BRAVO to Darrell!!
    Next to Do You Wanna Dance, that is “a keeper” – I had to watch it 3 times 😉
    Thanks bunches,

  2. Pretty much Darrell is my hero, and if this were an absurd play, you would be my anti-hero, Mister D :):) xx

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