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March 2008

Remember My Forgotten Man

From: The David Frost Show
Aired: June 5, 1970

Photo: Richard Brezner

  • I’m going to put up more songs in the jukebox. It seemed a little chintzy didn’t you find?
  • Also make sure to check out fan reactions to Bette’s show: Click Here I’ll be putting more up as they come….Bennie Boy, you’re next…
  • Those of you who go, please send in your reviews, reactions, song lists, and also anything you can remember that’s in the store that I haven’t listed….you’d think Caesar’s would want to help out by sending me a list….HEY CAESAR!!!!!! READ THIS!!!!!! WE’re The Ones Paying The Big Bucks!!!! So Quit Being Anal Schmucks!!!! (that rhymed!!! I have a slogan!!!) SEND ME A LIST!!!!

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Love, Mister D

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4 thoughts on “Tid-Bettes

  1. Dear Don,

    thank you very much for everything. I’m enjoying all the new stuff like a kid!!!! and God knows that I was a kid so long, long ago……. (-: I think that live version of “Some people’s lives” was from the “Experience the Divine” tour, wasn’t it? but I hadn’t listened before that “Spring can really hang you up the most” live version, THANKSSSSS!!!. A question please, Where and when did Bette performed “My One True Friend” live?, I love that one, and I didn’t know she had performed it live!!. What a pitty the bad sound……. Please tell Darrell a big “THANKS” for “Remenber my forgotten man”, I A-DO-RE that song!!!!.

    Peace and love,


    P.S: I hope you feel better.

  2. Hey Eze:

    The My One True Friend came from a “Rosie” episode when her show was on…

    Glad you’re enjoying all the stuff…thats always nice to hear! 🙂

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