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Mister D:

Girlfriends, Mister D (and Miss M) get props over at Pool Party (www.poolparty.com) It happens to be one of my fave sites. I know a few other BetteHeads that read it regularly, too…so check it out: Click Here

Love, Mister D

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7 thoughts on “Jump In – The Water Is Fine: PoolParty.com

  1. Alright, Mr. D! I just got back into Kansas City from seeing the show last night -and I can’t wait to write up a review for the fans -I tried to take particular note of the cost of various items in the Gift Shop!

  2. Not Fair!

    You get a Bette shop in America and all we have in Australia is Joan Rivers home shopping!

    Fucking Rhinestones!


  3. LOL you tell it Manny!
    If you want to pick up Bette Midler chips (not the chocolate ones), you have to find a casino cashier at Caesars.

    Does anyone know if Cher will be officially sharing the same store with Bette?..huh??

  4. Girl, you know it’s true (to quote Milli Vanilli). Cher and Bette will be “cher-ing” (haha) a store once Cher moves in to Caesar’s.

    The real side of the store will be Bette’s and the “fake” side Cher’s. Everyone will be issued fake money to buy their plastic cher – wares. Caesar’s was going to have a step per one of Cher’s lifts, but when it got to escalator heights, they just decided to go with the fake money bit….

    Aha…that was a joke….I LOVE CHER!!! I just had to go there. The cher boards have been taking the Cher-Bette rivalry too much to heart. All that fucking matters is whether you enjoy their performances/shows. And to get real self righteous…the 2 divas are totally different in their approach from songs to shows and in my opinion…can’t be compared. Each satisfies one of my entertainment needs. I just prefer Bette’s style over Cher’s.

  5. LMAO Hands down, these Goddesses are incredible in their own ways. Just don’t see how Caesars can be so cheap!! (-;

  6. Hey Mr D & All!

    I heard a rumor that Cher’s merchandise will be “Do It Yourself Self Insertion Silicon Tits” They will come in two sizes.

    1) For women who want to defy gravity after the age of 40

    2)For the man who wants to bring out the woman in his inner self.

    I also heard that people who purchase and insert these products like Cher herself with be the only survivors of a nuclear holocaust, along with cockroaches.

    Big Hugz!


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