Our Spencer To Headline:
“Experience the Divine: A Tribute to Bette Midler” For Charity

Mister D: Our own BetteHead Spencer Will Grace The Stage Of Bar Natash in Kansas City, MO this Monday night, 8:00 PM, No Cover, For AN AIDSWALK BENEFIT

Photo: Unknown

Spence”¦break a leg”¦and to all the BetteHeads”¦if you can donate any amount of money to the cause, it HELPS: Click Here or on the widget in the right bar.

And if I’m correct, he does his own singing”¦he works hard for the money, so please help! Team Buckët: Daisy & Friends

“Experience the Divine: A Tribute to Bette Midler”
Monday, March 31st @ Bar Natasha, 1911 Main Kansas City, MO. 8pm. No Cover. An AIDSWalk Benefit.


*In These Shoes
*The Rose
*Delta Dawn
*I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today
*Sophie Tucker: The Lady is a Tramp
*Together, Wherever We Go
*Hello In There


Delores DeLago Segment
-Perfect Isn’t Easy (lyric changes)
-Hawaiian War Chant
-Diva Las Vegas
-My Way
*Chapel of Love/Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
*From a Distance
*Do You Wanna Dance?
*Wind Beneath My Wings

*Encore: Friends

Mister D: Break a leg Daisy!

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5 thoughts on “Our Spencer To Headline:
“Experience the Divine: A Tribute to Bette Midler” For Charity

  1. More than welcome. I saw you sing Stay With Me which was awesome, so I figured you sang live. Wish I could be there…..


  2. Hooray! I will be there. It’s not too far from where I live (30 min). I have been there before and it’s a very nice place. Hope a lot will come out.


  3. Dear Spencer,

    Wish I was able to be there to help cheer you along on your special night. But unfortunately there is too much fucking water between me and the United States of America and last I heard, there were plenty of sharks and they bite hard!

    Now Judy, if you do go, please go and take a crack to Spencer for me and give him a kiss and a cuddle from Sydney Australia, please note I didn’t say throw your crack at him, I said take a crack! (Taken from “Divine Madness” in reference to Bette speaking of Prince Charles.)

    All the best Spencer and give it all you got and more, something I know you can do as I have seen you sing “Stay With Me” on YouTube. Show those pups that you can be and your are also a DIVA!

    Big Hugz!


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