Then She Found Me: Hunt Wins AFI Dallas Star Award
Friday, March 28
A.F.I. Dallas Kicks Off

AFI (American Film Institute) Dallas kicked off last night and the stars have descended on The Lone Star State. Helen Hunt’s feature directorial debut Then She Found Me (starring Hunt, Colin Firth, Matthew Broderick and Bette Midler) kicked things off last night.

Hunt was the recipient of the AFI Dallas Star Award along with screen legend Mickey Rooney. Both were on hand along with a host of Hollywood stars and Dallas socialites at a swanky party at the famous Main Street Neiman Marcus. is here in Dallas for all the fun and we’ll be bringing you updates throughout the festival.

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One thought on “Then She Found Me: Hunt Wins AFI Dallas Star Award

  1. Hi Mr D & All!

    I am so glad that this movie is winning so many independent awards. I’m really hoping that this paves the way for Helen Hunt & Bette Midler winning an Oscar for this.

    I just hope the Academy pulls their heads out of their asses to see what a talent they have let slip by with Bette in the past!

    Big Hugz!


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