Bette Bytes: 04-01-08

Gloria Steimam\'s 50th Birthday Party

Photo: Ron Galella 23 May 1984

  • Mr. Darrell at Bette on the Boards has put up his new video of the month. This time it’s Bette singing Broken Bicycles from an evening at the Improv in 1983. He’s also put up some more pages (lots of photos) in his beautiful online scrapbook.

    * Check out the video: Click Here (scroll down)
    * Check out the scrapbook: Click Here

  • Baltoboy Steve wrote in to say there will be a little “piece” on ET about “Beaches” TONIGHT! It’s apapro since their featuring tearjerkers this week. Check your local listings. I’m crying right now just thinking about it.
  • BetteHead Benny, my little ball of positivity just got engaged to his perfect Nick. So congrats to both of them. Who’s throwing the bachlor party? I’m going to that!
  • BetteHead Lucy has been digging around down under trying to find out why the Oprah show with Bette is taking so long to air. Supposedly it’s not on the schedule for Australia for the next 2 weeks. Lucy was told to send complaints to (and this means you other Aussies, too):

    Network Ten Publicity Dipartment
    Private Bag 5000
    South Yarra
    VICTORIA 3141

    The Episode number is – 22136

  • If you’d like to broaden your taste in music and become the person I am today….uh….forget that. If you’d like to broaden your taste in music, check out Mister D’s Music Playlist
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5 thoughts on “Bette Bytes: 04-01-08

  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONES TAPING ET TONIGHT AND PUTTING IT ONLINE! lol i just saw the next on et video on the website and it’s deleted scenes!

    I wanna see it! 😀



  2. Yay Susan!!!! Just a week or 2 off!!! LOL I hope someone got it too, because I missed it….

    Susan? Did Bette not make that Diva list on ET???? If not, that’s blasphemy!!!

    Love, D

  3. Donny Boy…you are the WBMW (=

    You know you will get an invite! I will be snagging that Katrin and Crystal as well.

    Love yooooooooooooo

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