Let’s Go To The “Baths”

ArtWork: Lucy Wilkins

Mister D:

Amy wrote in to let everybody know that she bought a rare bootleg, “BETTE MIDLER LIVE AT CONTINENTAL BATHS” and she freakin’ loved it. I’ll let her tell you about it because she frankly wrote a better review than I could…well, because she actually watched it twice…once with our ever so talented Spence. Anyway, I stink and shall go take a real bath while Miss Amy babbles about this DVD!:

I would say that for $17.95 (plus S&H), it is definitely a must have for any Bettehead. Considering it’s a bootleg shot on the down low using whatever was available in 1969, the picture and sound quality are really quite good. There are a couple of rough spots or “skips”, but it’s not too bad. It’s especially fun to watch because it feels like something you’re not supposed to see. And, of course, it’s Bette Midler….what more do I need to say????

Oh, if you’re interested in buying it: Click Here

OMG! My bathtub is overflowing!!!

Much Love,

Mister D

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The “Baths”

  1. Speaking of CDs, on Amazon the Jackpot: The Best Bette has been pushed back until August 26. Any news on why that got delayed?

  2. Yes, someone wrote in last night about it and I’m trying to find out why, but so far no luck…..usually Amazon will send you a message about a date change, but I didn’t get one from them yet. Hoping it’s a mistake.

    Love, Mister D

  3. Thanks for the info. Mr. D AND thank you Amy – but speak for yourself as this is “something I am DeFinaTely SUPPOSED to see…” lol

  4. I did love it. It’s only an hour set and while you may have heard bootlegs of some of the songs from the Baths, her banter with the audience is amazing. Definitely a must-have.

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