Frustration Sets In: Theaters, Cities, And Dates …. Oh My!

Here’s a a list of theaters, cities, and screening dates for THEN SHE FOUND ME: Click Here

Some of you are getting frustrated…as I am too…where are the TV ads…where are their ads at all??? I watch TV, I read the magazines, and I hear the news… (huh, sounds a tad familiar), but we have to remember that this was a very low budget movie with not much money for advertisement. It did get picked up by a reputable distribitor but I think they are going for word of mouth and to make money on the back end thru the DVD rentals and sales. On the upside, the DVD will come out closer to Oscar talk time.

I know they want the movie to do well, but what were they thinking opening it up right as the summer blockbuster season begins? That’s my big worry. But I’m a worrier. So…Maybe there’s nothing to worry about. Just let things unfold as they are….go see the movie when it comes to your town and if you like it, speak well of it.

Again, here’s the list: Click Here

For some Europe and Australia dates, please check out Jacob’s

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3 thoughts on “Frustration Sets In: Theaters, Cities, And Dates …. Oh My!

  1. Btw, Matthew Broderick was on “Live with Regis and Kelly” this morning. That means that Helen, Colin, and now Matthew have been on. Why not Bette? I know she’s busy but is there any possible beef going on?

  2. Not that I know of Jacob. Bette’s proclivity not to promote “most” of her movies has been bewildering to me at times – but I’ve learned to live with it. I think it was in James Spada’s book on her where he addresses this.

    She pulled out all the stops for her own pet project, For The Boys, and it tanked. So it may not matter that much about going on talk shows…I think a lot has to do with the way the movies marketed….trailers and ads. If they miss the mark, then their movie is in trouble. And after seeing the movie, I have some mixed feelings about the way it’s been marketed. And this one is tough. That’s why I think they are depending so much on word of mouth. Next week we may see some of the accolades on TV kind of bits…I hope.

    Still Ms. Hunt should be commended on the great job she did wearing 3 or 4 hats and pulling out one of Bette’s best performances….I do think we’ll be hearing some talk of Oscar or Golden Globe come awards season….

    But as for any “beef” I really have heard nothing about one.

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