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Why would Rotten Tomatoes label The Philadelphia Inquirer film critic Carrie Rickey’s review a “rotten tomatoe” when she says statements like this in her review?

The material is so charged that it threatens to electrocute any who would touch it. Yet from the moment that Bette Midler, as Bernice the bio-Mom, appears, she becomes the instrument of its emotional release, catharsis teetering on high heels.

Hunt is a sympathetic director of actors, particularly Midler, who delivers a fluent performance in this most episodic of films, and also Lynn Cohen as April’s pragmatic mom.

She then ends her review with this statement:

Like life, some of the movie is excruciating. But, so what? By the closing scene, I felt privileged to be along for April’s emergence from the deep waters of daughterhood and her realization that when love knocks, the heart opens wide.

Sorry, but that doesn’t sound like someone who thinks this movie is a rotten tomatoe….dammit, now I’ll have to read all the entries and see if I find more flaws….or maybe ya’ll could help…and just post them here….

Love, Mister D

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4 thoughts on “Taking Notes….

  1. I hate Rotten Tomatoes. I have found several that are “rotten” but the actual critic ends with “good film” or something. Some of those should be fresh. is the same way.

    Let’s all protest. 🙂

  2. Hey Mr. D!! Just wanted to let you know they changed her splat to a Fresh!! SO they must have seen what you said 🙂 I LOVE reading those reviews! Thank you !!! I Can not wait to see it!
    HUGS and much love

  3. Wow, Andy was right? Thank you, Carrie, for dropping by and letting me (us) know you agree. What an honor for you being here. Much appreciated.

    Love, Mister D

    PS: I have to say your way, with words, is just beautiful!

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