An Interview With Helen Hunt and Bette Midler -Aussie Style

Then She Found Me
Then She Found Me

Love. Mister D

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11 thoughts on “An Interview With Helen Hunt and Bette Midler -Aussie Style

  1. I think I am FINALLY going to see this on Fri! I won’t mention that I have to drive at least 1 hour (either to Philly or Jersey) to see it.
    After all I AM a Jersey-girl but…I can’t wait!!
    YAHOOEEE for me 😉

  2. hey, Bette looks like she was sat in the same place for ages, lol every interview she is sat in the same place and in the same clothes, she must have been so tired that day, god bless her, she says she hasn’t heard anythng about the oscar thingy and that she doesn’t want jinxing, well she has lost twice before, but both times i wasn’t born so this hopefully will be the first for me if she gets nominated lol, love this film, ta for the vid xx

  3. Isn’t there are saying about 3’s a charm. She still deserves an Oscar for “Best Actress” but for now I’ll take supporting…

    Love, D

  4. Mr. D, I so agree with you. But I have had a bad feeling for awhile about this. I feel they are going to relegate Bette to the Sup. Category. And What I mean by this is, lets look back. Those who are considered more comedic , who have been nominated in LEAD but eventually get thrown a conciliatory SUPPORTING award. Whoopi Goldberg, Robin WIlliams, the not comedic but just as deserving of a LEAD, Morgan Freeman. And no matter what they do after, will probably NOT be nominated again , especially for LEAD. It pains me to think she may never have the chance at the LEAD OSCAR that she richly deserves, but as you said, I’ll take the supporting.
    luv 🙂

  5. mr. d- for some reason my computer will not load this video and I really want to see it. If possible, can you upload onto your site? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Andy…that’s exactly what I was thinking. I haven’t researched, but offhand I can’t think of a supporting going on to win the Best Actor/Actress…except maybe Meryl Streep…

  7. Jill:

    It came from a news article, so I don’t have real access to upload it. I had trouble viewing it at first, but finally it played for me….

  8. I think it’s great that she’s getting Oscar buzz. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, she’s due for one.

  9. Hey Mr. D. well I am an Oscar fanatic, and I DID do the research for ya 🙂 this is the list that I have: (and this strictly sup. later winning for lead, there have been instances of sup. winner being nominated for lead later on, i.e. Goldie Hawn-sup. win Cactus Flower then lead nom for Private Benjamin and the anomaly known as Jack Nicholson who has gone sup. to lead to sup. to lead multiple times winning lead then sup. then lead again.)

    Jack Lemmon- SUp. for Mister Roberts-1955 & Lead for Save the Tiger-1973
    Robert DeNiro- Sup. for The Godfather pt.2- 1974 & Lead for Raging Bull-1980
    Meryl Streep- SUp. for Kramer vs. Kramer-1979 & Lead for Sophie’s Choice-1982
    Jessica Lange- Sup. for Tootsie-1982 & Lead for Blue Sky -1994
    Denzel Washington- Sup. for Glory-1989 & Lead for Training Day-2001

    I may be missing one, but that is what I have 🙂 SOrry for being so long winded, lol. This topic is a passion of mine 😉
    luv ANDY

  10. Thank you so much. I’m really into stuff like that, too. More so when I was younger, but still like all that. Just my mind doesn’t process so fast anymore. Whatever! You’re divine and so am I….:-)

    Love, D

    PS: Hey Brandon!!!

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