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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are People Really This Clueless? Here We Go Again!

BETTE MIDLER SAYS BUSH A DRUG ADDICT: Or was, anyway. In a recent show, she said Bush is a big fan of hers and his drug dealer got him some tickets to one of her shows many years ago. I’d like to see her produce some PROOF of that rather than her unsupported contention. In any case, how did she know about what “Bush’s drug dealer” did? Mister D: These are the kind of people that are the cause of the mess we are in now as far as I’m concerned. Ignorance breeds ignorance so that means there is a lot of breeding going on….Thank God I’m gay. In fact I venture to say that’s why we’re here….to counteract over breeding….whatever, I’m cranky! Ray is a blogovist and writes shorts apparently…I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but really: Click Here Love, Mister D
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Down Under: “Living Life – Boomer Style”

(Wheeee!!!! I’m getting press in The Land Down Under!!!!) My new friend Michael Holloway from way Down Under contributes to a magazine there on a regular basis, called “Living Life – Boomer Style” and he just had an article published on Miss M complete with links to merchandise and whatnot. So please check it out and thank whomever that she is getting some press outside of the States. Here’s a link to the article: Click Here He also has a friend, Jon Peter Lewis, whom some will remember from American Idol (Okay, I’m lazy, and forget what season). Anyway, he’s a fabulous musician and he’s just released a new CD entitled, “Break The Silence.” Here’s Michael’s article on Jon Peter Lewis: Click Here Word of mouth has the CD being filled with beautiful music. So you might want to check out his new CD.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To Be Divine Like Mister D….

(I see Mister D!!!!) If you want to improve your fabulosity and divinity (not the candy), then I have more music for you. However, it’s not Bette music – just my own little playlist. So mosey on over to Mister D’s Playlist and then you’ll know the secret to my own divinity (again, not CANDY!) 🙂 : Click Here I should have the Same Songs, Other Voices ready by Thursday…. Much love, Mister D
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BLB Updates: 07-30-08

Mister D:

  • There’s a slew of new music in the BLB Jukebox. Hope you enjoy: Click Here
  • New polls are up. I am experimenting with different type of them, so please leave feedback if you like a certain style better than another. Click Here
  • BetteHead Daniel writes in that there is a new Bette forum orientated towards those living in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This is great because Bette does not have that big of a presence there. For those who are interested in joining: Click Here
  • There will be more music coming later for Same Songs, Different Voices: Click Here
  • Also I scanned a lot of pics yesterday for The Scrapbook 4 BetteHeads (Bette Gallery) You can tell what sections I posted in by the “last date posted” I think. Click Here
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    The Art of Business: AEG, Las Vegas, Bette, Celine, Cher, Elton

    In Business Q and A John Nelson Vice president of AEG Live Interviewed by Richard N. Velotta / Staff Writer In 2000 some executives with Concerts West, an offshoot of AEG, a subsidiary of the Anschutz Co., had this crazy idea that they could sign a big-name entertainer to a multiyear contract at a Las Vegas entertainment venue and that they could regularly fill the building. Critics scoffed, but John Nelson and one of his associates, John Meglen, proved them wrong when they signed Celine Dion to perform at Caesars Palace’s then-new Colosseum and in 2003 began an unprecedented five-year run with her “A New Day …” show. Nelson joined Concerts West – now AEG Live – in 2000 and became vice president of the company that has become a worldwide powerhouse in live entertainment with 13 regional offices and corporate ties to performance venues around the globe. Nelson, who has a decade of experience as an entertainment producer and promoter, oversees the development of new entertainment business opportunities locally for AEG. In Las Vegas, AEG operates the Colosseum and signed similar long-term entertainment contracts with Elton John, Bette Midler and Cher. AEG also operates The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and will have an even greater role in the Las Vegas entertainment scene with a new 20,000-seat arena being built by Harrah’s Entertainment east of Bally’s Las Vegas and two venues at Boyd Gaming’s Echelon project. Nelson talked with In Business Las Vegas about cutting deals with big-name entertainers and AEG’s plans:
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    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Hard Times Come Again No More… The wealth of hard times Economic slump spurs riches in the arts By Sid Smith Tribune critic July 27, 2008 Job insecurity, high gas prices, intimations of scarcity in the American land of plenty. So it went in 1976 when then young chanteuse Bette Midler released her third album, cheekily titled “Songs for the New Depression.” In place of her trademark Andrews Sisters and 1950s revivals, there was the gloomy “Mr. Rockefeller,” about a down-and-outer desperately trying to reach the emblematic rich man to ask for a handout, using her last dime for the call. It’s no surprise pop singers, artists and storytellers chronicle economic downturns. Happy feet only carry you so far even in boom years—trouble is interesting, goes an old fiction-writing saw. But there’s more to it than lucre. Artists and entertainers are sensitive souls who absorb, intuit and reflect what goes on around them. Deprivation, loss, social dislocation and poverty all inform great art and have so since time immemorial. Even those animal drawings on caves tell of a timeless need: food. Like Midler’s collection, which also includes a bluesy ode to the alcoholic palliative, “Drinking Again,” various artists through the years, right up to recent days, have left a record of hard times, through various decades, plaintive cries for empathy and paeans to strength and forbearance. Our problems are nothing new; they just seem new right now. We read in Job, one of the oldest and still most resonant treatments of human suffering, “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.” And the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Yeah, right. Here’s a subjective sample of works worth checking out or revisiting.
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    Sunday, July 27, 2008

    Testing Out: Poll Section Up

    Mister D: Just testing out this new poll system. I actually need more options for answers, but for now this will have to do. So try to play along: Click Here Love, Mister D
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    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Audio Only: The Glory Of Love from TSMGO (Thanks Jamie Lee)

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    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Audio Only Spencer: WAMLAW From TSMGO (Thank You Jamie Lee)

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    Bathhouse Betty Line

    Las Vegas Review Journal What’s In Store July 25, 2008 Bathhouse Betty Line From the local makers of Natural Beauty, sold at Whole Foods, comes the Bathhouse Betty line. Bette Midler, whose “The Showgirl Must Go On” production runs at the Colosseum at Caesar’s, happens to be a devout supporter of the environment as well as a girly girl. Bathhouse Betty serves both worlds. The line includes Island Coconut sugar, salt and face scrubs, shea butter and olive oil soaps, milk bath and bath salts, shea butter lotion and shea face cream. From left, Island Coconut shea butter soap, $18, Island Coconut shea butter lotion, $25 and Island Coconut sugar scrub, $28, all available at The Colosseum Boutique at Caesar’s
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