Welcome To The Bette Store! May I Help You?
(Thanks Wendy)

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7 thoughts on “Welcome To The Bette Store! May I Help You?
(Thanks Wendy)

  1. I know this is not about the posted pic. Though that pic is wonderful! I am just so bummed that Bette was not nominated for a golden globe for her work in then she found me. I understand if she was not recognized at the Oscars, they never appreciated her, but I thought she was a shoe in for a Golden Globe nod. I do not know who dropped the ball but it was one of Bette’s most fantastic performances I have ever seen. I only wish they would have recognized her with a nod! It would have made this very exciting time for Bette fans, even more special. And might I add, what a year for true Bette fans. I feel that Bette has finally been vindicated with all her success now!!! Thanks for letting me rant Mr. D!!! I appreciate all you do for all who love that wonderful woman!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I was sure Bette should & would get a Golden Globe nomination.

    Her performance really made that movie – it is a great movie but Bette brought something truly special to the role. She should have got a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

    When will they recognise her talents as an actress and give that woman a god damn statue! Rant over.

    Merry Christmas Everyone! xx

  3. WE, her adoring, loyal and loving fans recognise her talents and travel the world to see her perform! That`s all she needs! LOL!

    I adore Then She Found and I was so happy to see Bette getting such a great part. I confess I did sneak in the living room when I heard about the Golden Globe nominations,hoping I would hear her name, but wasn`t surprised at all that she didn`t get nominated…but I`m cynical, so I don`t count, do I? All I can say is that this movie is such a nice piece of work and I`m glad she was part of it. I have been waiting for her to participate in a project like this for a long time. She makes a lot of people really happy with her work…the hell with the Academy. LOL!

  4. ok this is probably from the entertainment tonite segment which i tried to watch on the 3rd (because thats when the bette official website said to watch) and the 8th (the date blb said) i watched both nites and sadly there was no bette…so where is this clip of her showing us around the bette store?????

  5. Probably between the 8th and 10th…the 9th. I really don’t know. I never believe the dates with ET anymore…they bump and add more than the regular news.

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