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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A BetteHead Really Needs Our Love & Support

Hey everyone: I wish I knew how to do this better, so I’ll ask this the best way I can. Remember a while back Mary R., a real devoted Bettehead asked us for suggestions for iTune music before she went into the hospital. Well, she wrote us all back and it made her stay there very tolerable and she did write back to thank everyone for the suggestions. She loved the songs. Well, I’m sorry to say that she just wrote me and the Big C word is back and she’s very, very sick. She loves Bette Midler, Bootleg Betty, and the fans and she was wondering if you could leave virtual hug, a positive message of support, prayer, or something of that measure to help her pull out of this. I just think that’s the least we could do. I happen to believe in the power of positive thought and prayer and believe it does wonders. So if, you have a minute to spare, please wish her well through this ordeal. I’ve gotten to Mary over the last few months and she is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met. I’m sure you’ll love her, too. Thank you so much…. Love, Don
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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Fan’s Perspective: LAS VEGAS, NEW YEAR’S EVE/DAY, 1999-2000

LAS VEGAS, NEW YEAR’S EVE/DAY, 1999-2000 by Ray Cooper The last time I saw Bette perform was November 30, 1999 in Houston and I would head back to Dallas the next day, December 1st., Bette’s birthday. In Houston my seat was down on the floor and I was too afraid to use my camera in the arena, they were taking cameras from anyone that took pictures during the show. This is a photo a friend took that night in Houston when they brought out Bette’s birthday cake on stage. To Read The Rest Of Mr. Cooper’s Story: Click Here
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Red Is The New Black, Blonde, Whatever

Inquirer Lifestyle / Lifestyle BACKSTAGE PASS : Red alert on hair By Isabel Roces Philippine Daily Inquirer Posted date: February 27, 2009
GOING red will get you some attention. Some even shine brighter in the harshness of Hollywood’s spotlights. Take legends such as Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton and new talents such as Lindsay Lohan, Debra Messing, and Marcia Cross. Once associated with the Mayfair Witches popularized in Anne Rice novels, red hair was believed to be a tell-tale sign of a person’s magical ability and the presence of fire within one’s spirit. Today hair color plays a mostly psychological role —it is an indicator of sex appeal and possibly a display of power. In the same way that birds attract a mate with displays of their eye-catching colored feathers, so too do humans attract mates based on their physical image. Hair is a particularly important feature in sexual attraction. Red certainly has a renewed reputation today. We may have had dreams of growing up blonde and blue eyed, but going red might even be a closer fit. Red hair looks good for us Pinays with some looking natural and others just standing out all the more. The key is to learn which works best for you and then adjust your makeup, especially your lipstick, accordingly. Here are some tips to consider before you take a leap of red, because from crimson to copper, there are so many ravishing reds available that it’s difficult to know which is right for you. When it comes to discussing reds with your stylist, try communicating through photographs because people often have different ideas about what a copper, burgundy or red shade is. A photo ensures that you’re speaking the same language. Especially in the level and the tone of the color, the level describes the lightness versus darkness of the color, while the tone is what you’re seeing reflected in the color. Once you and your colorist are on the same page, you need to think about your entire image before proceeding. For example, wearing a certain shade might require a complete change in makeup. If you’re willing to do that, go for it. Most makeup artists recommend redheads to focus on browns, terra-cottas, peaches and corals when choosing cosmetics. Although you don’t have to be this strict. These colors are good starting points for getting daily makeup looks together and are worthwhile fallbacks on the days that you’re feeling less than creative. It is generally recommended that redheads avoid makeup with a blue color. This is especially true with eye shadows, although thankfully, blue eye shadows haven’t been in fashion for several decades!
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Bette Expected To Attend ReOpening Of The Royal Hawaiian Royal treatment Renowned event designer plans lavish evening to celebrate hotel’s reopening By Paula Rath Advertiser Staff Writer When The Royal Hawaiian hotel began planning its grand reopening gala, organizers were clear about one thing: “We wanted it to be the event of the century,” said Lisa Morrill, director of sales and marketing. How to pull that off? The planning team began researching uber party planners all over the country. One name appeared time and time again: David Beahm, who is perhaps best known for designing the wedding of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, often referred to as “the wedding of the century.” Beahm is the go-to guy for New York’s socialite brides, as well as arts organizations that need to put on an event of epic proportions that everyone will remember for years to come. Beahm has been the creative force behind some of Manhattan’s most memorable events. nod to history Although Beahm had never been to The Royal Hawaiian before he signed on for its grand opening gala, he had traveled numerous times to Hawai’i and loves Honolulu. He is also enamored of Hawaiian culture, and that was part of the draw for him to take on the project. “I love approaching a project with no preconceived ideas. As soon as I saw the Royal, I knew we were appropriate for each other,” he said. Beahm’s research revealed that on Feb. 1, 1927, when the Royal first opened its doors, there was a procession of ali’i through the porte cochere and main entrance, winding toward the ocean. This vision clicked with Beahm, and he decided to make the event a progression, from past to present, from traditional to contemporary. “I recognize that this is sacred historical ground,” Beahm said. “We’ll pay homage to that. We’ll start with a traditional party and then take it down another road.” “There’s such an amazing history here,” Beahm said. “Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio had their honeymoon here. Eddie Vedder stays here for weeks at a time …” Besides, “pink is the new fabulous,” so of course he is inspired by the lovely Pink Palace of the Pacific, as the hotel is often called. His vision for the opening gala event includes soft pink lighting throughout the hotel, which will add a soft, ethereal quality to the night. Beahm has been determinedly doing his homework for the past few months. “I need to keep the Hawaiian feel, but it’s the new Royal. My job is to blend in. I’m meeting with cultural people. I don’t ever want to be not PC. I have a vision, yes, but it has to be correct and respectful.” The last thing he wants, Beahm said emphatically, “is to be that guy from New York who comes in and says, ‘This is how we do it in New York.’ ” royal procession The event will give the illusion of a time progression. In a candlelight procession modeled after the 1927 one, guests will enter to a conch-shell call, Hawaiian chants, pahu drums and hula dancers. As guests walk through the lobby, “I want hearts to beat faster,” Beahm said. From the grand lobby area, facing the ocean, attendees will experience a paradigm switch to the present, a move to meld, and make comfortable, several generations, Beahm explained. As guests enter the lawn fronting the ocean, they can listen to Chris Botti and his band in the Monarch Room, jazz singer Ginai on the lawn, or Makana in Azure, the hotel’s new oceanside seafood restaurant. Bill Tapia, 101 years old, who played at the original grand opening of the Royal on Feb. 1, 1927, will strum his ‘ukulele in the Coconut Grove. Another unusual option for attendees: Those who want to have the feel of their own private party within the party can have a beachside cabana for the night for $5,000. The package includes a concierge, private mixologist and tapas service by Azure. A fireworks show will light up the night over the ocean. And, yes, Beahm expects the ocean to be populated by plenty of paddlers and surfers who will share the experience from the water. A NIGHT OF STARS Beahm’s approach to the evening is to offer a lot of options so guests may find their own comfort zone in one area of the party or another. The cocktails and entertainment will cater to tastes of different generations and personal preferences. The Royal is where the Shirley Temple was invented, so it’s no surprise that mixologist Joey Gottesman has created a special drink, the First Blush, just for the gala. The list of celebrities attending the event has been a fluid one. Many of those who were invited have ties to either Beahm or Hawai’i: Oprah, Bette Midler, Kelly Preston and Zeta-Jones, to name a few. As of this printing, actress Heather Graham is expected to attend, as are Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim of “Lost,” Andy Baldwin of “Bachelor” fame and Hayden Panettiere of “Heroes.” “I’m hoping a new generation of guests will fall in love with the Royal.” Beahm said. “We think this will kick off the world’s new love affair with Waikiki and the Pink Palace of the Pacific.”
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wisdom (Thanks Amanda)

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Ask Inman: Woody The Spoon

The Courier-Journal David Inman Feb 26, 2009 Soupy show (Thanks Nay) Dear Inman: When I was a kid in the 1970s, there was a show with a soup name, possibly on public TV, like “Chicken Soup” or “Tomato Soup.” I think it was puppets who would fly up into space in a ship one of the boy characters had made. There could also have been some cartoons of dancing soup spoons? The more I think about this, the kookier it sounds. Could this have just been my imagination? — T.M., by e-mail Dear T.M.: Maybe, but it also could have been “Vegetable Soup,” which ran on PBS stations from 1975-78. Voices included James Earl Jones, Daniel Stern and, as Woody the Spoon, Bette Midler! Freelance writer David Inman’s column appears daily. Write to him at The Courier-Journal, 525 W. Broadway, P.O. Box 740031, Louisville, KY 40201-7431; or e-mail him at Questions of general interest will be answered; personal replies are not possible.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Charity Buzz:
Fly to Las Vegas and See The Divine Miss M–FRONT ROW!

Description Includes: Two front row tickets to see Bette Midler’s Las Vegas extravaganza on March 28, 2009, LIVE!-plus, an autographed program. Also includes two coach air tickets on AirTran. Las Vegas may never be the same after the arrival of Bette Midler, winner of four GRAMMY’s awards, an Emmy and a Tony. Her incomparable sense of humor and extensive song catalog (which includes four chart-topping #1 singles) have earned her staying power and a devoted fan base while lesser talents have come and gone. Don’t miss Midler and her fabulous “Kiss My Brass” section in a Vegas-themed show featuring plenty of girls, gags and guffaws. This is why they call her “Divine.” Donated by: Bette Midler Terms: Includes: Two front row tickets to see Bette Midler’s Las Vegas extravaganza on March 28, 2009, plus, an autographed program. Date cannot be transferred. Also includes two coach tickets on AirTran. Subject to availability and city restrictions may apply. Does not include transportation or accommodations. Sales tax will apply to residents of the State of Connecticut. Shipping/Handling: charitybuzz® Auctions uses UPS or FedEx for all shipping. We charge a minimum of $9.95 for shipping, handling and processing for all lots. We insure everything for the full value of the actual winning bid. We review the weight and value for all lots and average the cost of shipping by location to determine a realistic shipping charge for all lots. Shipping and applicable insurance for this item is $9.95 within the United States, unless the terms indicate special delivery instructions. International Orders: Shipping fee reflects domestic U.S. shipping only. Shipping outside the U.S. will be calculated separately. International winners are responsible for all customs fees and import duties. To Bid and for more information: Click Here
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Updates: 02-25-09

I’ve loaded up new music in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox a little early. I will be taking off part of Thursday and Friday for hospital stuff (nothing serious). I should hopefully have a new Ray Cooper story up either late Friday night or early Saturday morn. Also, make sure to place your Bettes in the Bette Polls. I want to see more participators, dammit!
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Writing Teacher, Margaret South (“Beaches”) Shares Her Talent

Star Bulletin Da Kine Feb 25, 2009 Writing teacher to share her talent Margaret South shares her expertise as a writing teacher at the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators” conference March 7 at the Ala Moana Hotel. Her presentation, “Secrets of a Good Story,” is based on the premise that great stories don’t just happen, they are constructed “brick by brick.” South has developed television and feature-film projects, including Bette Midler’s “Beaches.” She also teaches “The Art of Story” master writing classes and founded “Kids Talk Story,” a program offered in schools in Hawaii and nationwide. Other speakers at the conference include Martha Mihalick, associate editor at Greenwillow Books; and Victoria Jamieson, book designer and illustrator. To register, call 295-2866, or e-mail Registration deadline is Monday.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Liz Smith: Goodbye New York Post, Hello wowOwow

February 24, 2009, 2:38 pm Liz Smith Bids City’s Tabloids Goodbye By James Barron Updated, 5:15 p.m. | After Thursday, the gossip columnist Liz Smith will not have a home in a New York City tabloid for the first time in 33 years. The New York Post — which has published her gossip column since the days when Donald was still married to Marla and Christie Brinkley was still married to Ricky Taubman — is dropping her column, citing hard times. “Like so many other newspapers around the nation, we are buffeted by unprecedented economic gales,” Col Allan, the editor in chief of The Post, told Ms. Smith in a Feb. 9 letter that said he was not renewing the contract for what he called her “legendary column.” Even for Ms. Smith, who turned 86 on Feb. 2, tabloids are so last century. She plans to concentrate on that newer medium, the Internet. She is a founder and part owner of the 11-month-old site wowOwow, for “women on Web,” and said she looked forward to posting scoops there — “free,” she said, “from the constraints of newspaper deadlines.” Or newspaper cutbacks: Last year The Post reduced her schedule to three days a week from six. “I protested,” she said. “I had meetings with everybody. I carried on. Didn’t do any good. Mr. Allan is firmly at the helm of The New York Post, and I was never under the impression that I was his cup of tea.” Asked for his comment on the matter, Mr. Allan said in a statement late Tuesday afternoon: “The Post is grateful to have been able to publish Liz Smith’s legendary column for so many years. We wish her the very best for the future.” But wait. She is Liz Smith. She has everybody’s phone number. Didn’t she call Rupert Murdoch? “Oh, yeah, I had a meeting with Rupert,” she said of the chairman of News Corp, which owns The Post. “He said he wouldn’t interfere with Col Allan. Well, isn’t he right? Shouldn’t publishers believe in their editors?” So she leaves the world of New York newspapers with what sounded like a tongue-in-cheek prediction: “I figure that without having to pay my salary, The Post will immediately go into the black.” She said The Post was paying her $125,000 a year. She said she would write her column five days a week for syndication to newspapers around the country. She will also write a twice-a-week column for Daily Variety. And she has signed on as a contributing editor of Parade magazine, which has a circulation of 33 million through more than 470 Sunday newspapers — one of which is The New York Post. “I just love the newspaper business,” she said, “and this has been quite an adjustment in the last year since we invented the Wow site.” (Interestingly, four years ago, Ms. Smith wondered aloud what blogs and the Internet would mean to a gossip columnist’s future.) The women behind WowOwow are famous enough to be mentioned in a Liz Smith column. Among them are Lesley Stahl, a correspondent on the CBS News program “60 Minutes,” and Joni Evans, a former literary agent and book editor who is the site’s chief executive. “The specialness of this for us is that it’s Liz all the time, anytime,” Ms. Evans said. “There was a time when she was a five-day-a week person and then she became a three-day-a-week person. If somebody had a really great piece of news or gossip and it wasn’t her day, she couldn’t run it, and that would drive her insane. On the Web, information can flow through to her by the minute and we can post it by the minute.”
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