We Will Survive!

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2 thoughts on “We Will Survive!

  1. Only just survived!!! LOL, Didn’t she drive her wheelchair into the audience a few times in the 80’s?
    She said one time that if she had landed a little bit to one side she could have killed herself, Thats kinda scary. I do love Delores but not as much as i love Soph, haha 😀

  2. hello
    amazing video thank you natatata! for this marvelous video….i know if bette……look at your work she just call you and invite you to be her show-girl!
    and i hope that bette look at you and appreciate
    your love!
    you are her huge fan
    bette if you are here just look at her she’s so stuninng and she loves you so much!

    believe me!
    bette we love you so much!

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