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Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Music: Same Songs, Other Voices

New music is up in the Same Songs, Other Voices section: Click Here ArtWork: Baltoboy Steve Love, Mister D
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Night And Day

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mr. Roger’s Supposed Successor Concert Cancelled Or Is It? (Yawn)…

Voice of San Diego Mr. Rogers Saga Continues May 29, 2009 Sunday’s show may or may not go on, but one thing’s for sure: Divine Miss M isn’t the wind beneath its wings. The Mr. Rogers wannabe is now a man without a benefit gala. Or is he? Michael Kinsell, the local teen who touted himself as the successor to the beloved children’s TV star Fred Rogers, told the press yesterday that he had cancelled a much-ballyhooed fundraiser scheduled for this weekend. But the plot has thickened. Last night, Kinsell informed a reporter that Sunday’s event at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, is “still on.” As the public-broadcasting trade journal Current reports in an update published today, the 18-year-old’s declaration came “at the end of a day in which Kinsell’s attorney said he never worked with him, his publicist quit, and the California attorney general’s office said Kinsell’s nonprofit, supposed organizer of the gala, is not recognized by the state.” Kinsell promoted the weekend fundraiser as a star-studded tribute to the late Fred Rogers, host of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” and a newspaper article said PBS would air his television show as a “follow-up” program. He apparently appeared on at least one local TV news show to promote the event. But PBS and Rogers’ production company have denied any connection to Kinsell, and PBS filed a complaint with the state. In messages sent late yesterday to reporters, Kinsell said the event is history. “At this point I’m finished with this whole thing. Do not be inclined to contact me ever again,” he told Current. The North County Times got a similar message, although it appears to have been a bit more polite: “I’m sure it’s all over. I’m so sorry for any trouble.” But he later told a Current reporter that “the event is still on.” Kinsell had suggested that a variety of celebrities would be in attendance at the Escondido event, scheduled for Sunday. Mallory Lewis, daughter of the late children’s TV star Shari Lewis (of “Lamb Chop” fame), had planned to attend, the North County Times reported:

Lewis said she had made arrangements to spend the weekend in the area, planned to take her son out of school and was looking forward to being introduced by Maria Shriver, the wife of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. She even wrote some special material to zing at the governor and the stars Kinsell had said would be in attendance. “I thought how cool would this be and I would get a chance to meet Bette Midler,” Lewis said. “But then I remembered she’s performing in Vegas and I looked at her schedule and sure enough, she has a performance there that night.” The governor declined to attend the event when he received an invitation, and Maria Shriver also had no plans to attend, the governor’s spokesman said Wednesday. The only good coming out of the episode for her, Lewis said, is that she bought a new purse for the event and will keep it.  ...  Read More

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Rocks Vegas With Help From “Friends” (Thanks Jamie)

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The Divine Miss M Sundae…..MMMMMMMMMM

Luxe Life Blog Strip Scribbles: Bette Midler nears 100-show milestone at The Colosseum Posted May 29, 2009 • 11:54 a.m. BY Robin Leach Superstar singer Bette Midler will celebrate her 100th performance of The Showgirl Must Go On at the Caesars Palace Colosseum on June 7, and to celebrate, the new Serendipity restaurant there is creating and naming a Divine Miss M Sundae. The ice cream concoction will be on sale for all of June at the Strip front branch of the New York dining hotspot. Simultaneously, there’ll be a champagne reception to toast to Bette’s success in the award-winning Guy Savoy restaurant to open its new Krug champagne lounge.
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Stop the wedding, I’m gay!

I have a new article up at the Nashville Examiner called “Stop the wedding, I’m gay!” If you’d like to read click here
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Where’s Bette When You Need Her, Jay?

News Telegram See you later, Jay — earlier in the day EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE Time was, a major change in the late-night television landscape was a big deal. Now, with households having more ways than ever to fill a drowsy hour flopped in front of a screen — DVDs, TiVo, video games, Letterman, the Internet, etc. all vie for our (in)attention — Jay Leno’s signing off tonight after 17 years on “The Tonight Show” is something of a yawner. However the Massachusetts native crafts his exit tonight, it will be a far cry from the sincere sense of loss the country felt when his predecessor, Johnny Carson, signed off in 1992. After 30 years soothing a simpler America to sleep, a tearful Carson was serenaded on his next-to-last show by Bette Midler as part of a classy, genuine good-bye that seems also to have gently closed the door on an era. Leno will be funny tonight, perhaps sentimental, certainly goofy, affable and cautiously edgy — the way he always is. But it’s unlikely his signoff will offer much meat for the long-term memory — his show just doesn’t do that. His replacement, the smart comic Conan O’Brien, also from the Boston area, could rejuvenate “Tonight,” but the show’s secure grip on popular culture enjoyed by Carson, Jack Paar and Steve Allen has likely slipped away forever. Leno or no, no one’s got a lock on late night anymore. In the fall, he’ll try his luck with punch lines in prime time with the “The Jay Leno Show” at 10 p.m. That’s an interesting idea, but those who are barely paying attention to NBC’s maneuverings — and that’s a lot of people — will likely say, “That’s funny” when the new show starts. As in … “That’s funny, I thought he left.”
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bette Not To Be Fooled By Mr. Rogers Wanna Be

San Diego News It’s a Scary Day in the Neighborhood Star-studded gala run by Mr. Rogers wannabe may not be what it’s billed By CATHERINE GARCIA Updated 2:30 PM PDT, Thu, May 28, 2009 Event organizer Michael Kinsell insists the event will go on this Sunday, and says he expects it to sell out. Event organizer Michael Kinsell insists the event will go on this Sunday, and says he expects it to sell out. The organizer behind a gala honoring the late children’s television star Fred Rogers says he hopes the event sets a San Diego record for most celebrities in attendance. But it looks like that event may not quite turn out how he envisions. “In honor of Fred Roger’s life, the Children’s Media Foundation here in San Diego is going to be hosting what we hope to be one of the biggest celebrity galas San Diego has ever seen it’s very exciting,” event organizer Michael Kinsell said. The event, scheduled for Sunday at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, benefits an organization called the “Children’s Media Foundation.” Its website features big name celebrities named as supporters. “I mean ranging from Bette Midler and Prince, Danny DeVito, Barbara Eden, Eddie Murphy, Sally Field, Penny Marshall Arnold and Maria Schwarzenegger, and so many more have been so helpful in making this event a possibility,” Kinsell said. “We haven’t released our final list yet but I do have the list of our supporters, of the event and of the foundation and other things, so we can just expect them to be there,” according to Kinsell. But the publicist for Danny DeVito says “Danny has never contributed to Children’s Media Foundation and knows nothing about any upcoming event.” Stan Rosenfield says he plans to write a cease and desist letter asking the organization to remove DeVito’s picture from the website. Representatives for Sara Jessica Parker (pictured on the website) also say they know nothing about the foundation, that she won’t be at the event. It’s the same story from representatives for Bette Midler, Governor Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver, Eddie Murphy and Sally Field. The event website also touts Kinsell himself as “Mister Roger’s successor.” Last year, he was featured in the student newspaper for Point Loma Nazarene University as the star of “Michael’s Enchanted Neighborhood,” reportedly set to air in San Diego and dozens of other PBS stations. But it turned out, both PBS and Family Communications, Inc. (the producer of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”) both say they are not in any way affiliated with the Children’s Media Foundation. In a statement, PBS says it has “made repeated requests to Michael Kinsell to stop misrepresenting his relationship to PBS.” PBS also says it has filed a complaint with the California Attorney General’s Office, claiming the organization “may be engaging in unauthorized charitable fundraising.” Kinsell calls it all a “very big misunderstanding.” In a statement, he says “PBS and FCI never had anything to do with this event. PBS has never contacted CMF or any representative regarding the award ceremony and concert.” The website also says Children’s Media Foundation is a non-profit organization. It is not. However, an organization run by Kinsell’s mother called “Michael Enchanted Enterprise” does have 501 c (3) status with the IRS. Kinsell insists the event will go on this Sunday, and says he expects it to sell out.
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Another Fuzzy Bette/Reid/Obama Pic (Thanks Hales On Wheels)

Well, these photos sure are hard to come by….but maybe they’ll be released slowly, but surely:
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Midler Muckety Map (Thanks Ron)

muckMapWidth="450"; muckMapHeight="450"; muckMapCtx=""; muckMapProps=({actors:"15841",baseurl:''}); Play around with this one or make your own: Click Here
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