‘I’ve got Bette Midler’s Emmy!’

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4 thoughts on “‘I’ve got Bette Midler’s Emmy!’

  1. First: Did Griffin win 2 Emmys?

    Seconce: I can’t believe Miss M got rid of an Emmy! It would had been so rude.

    1. She wasn’t there the year she won for her 1978 special. I believe Aaron Russo picked it up. Maybe he got rid of it…

  2. Could also be one of the things that went missing… I remember her talking on some interviews about things going missing from her place, including the original signed photo Johnny C sent her. But I’m thinking Mr D’s on the right track.
    Can you imagine, I picked this up for you but forgot to give it to you? It’s not like it’s a jug of milk from the store or a souvenir from a trip (well maybe) lol

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