And The Winner Of The “Divine Sundae” Is…Gemma-Louise Bond

One of our very own BetteHeads, Gemma-Louise Bond, scooped up the prize for Bette’s “Divine Sundae” contest by coming up with a beautiful Pink Divine Sundae concoction. This yummy ice cream Sundae will be sold at Serendipity 3 inside Caesar’s Palace.

Ms. Bond, Gemma Bond, lives all the way across the world in Ireland. Anyplace outside of Tennessee is across the world to me, honey. Anyway, she has just won herself two tickets to see the Divine, Bette Midler. Gemma says she will be taking her mother.

For more information and soon to be posted photos of the yummy desert, you can visit Miss M’s Official Facebook Page.

Congrats again Gemma!!!! Wish I could be there to taste it….

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