The Advocate Covers Thru The Years (Thanks Mihai)

Stonewall Remembered
The Advocate takes a look at just how far the gay and lesbian movement has come in the four decades since Stonewall with a collection of 40 of our favorite covers.
An exclusive posted June 26, 2009

Stonewall Remembered

It was a 1967 raid — on the Los Angeles gay bar the Black Cat Tavern — that inspired the first issue of The Advocate. So two years later, when the police hit New York City’s Stonewall Inn, the magazine’s staff had a little experience under its belt and was ready to report on the ensuing riots (even if the news did have to share cover billing with “18 Groovy Guys”). The Advocate covers in the 40 years since Stonewall are a remarkable reminder of just how far the gay and lesbian movement has come in the past four decades–and how many hits we’ve taken along the way. Here are 40 of our favorite. Click Here

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