TSMGO Bette Trivia Free Ticket Giveaway

The Official “The Showgirl Must Go On” Facebook page is giving away free tickets by having a Trivia Contest. I’ll be posting the rules and hints here, too, but you might as well register for a facebook account if you really want to win:

Bette Midler The Showgirl Must Go On I think it’s time to give away some free tickets! We’re going to find out which of you are true Bette trivia masters! From Wed – Friday of this week, we will post word “clues” that all related to one particular Bette project or life event. You’ll have to guess what it is and those who get it right qualify to win. More contest rules to come later today and tomorrow. Keep an eye out!

Bette Midler The Showgirl Must Go On Are you guys almost ready to play our Bette word puzzle game? We will have two puzzles in total – one this week and one next week. You have to get them both right to qualify for the grand prize drawing. Good luck. Our first clue goes up tomorrow!

CLUE NUMBER ONE Your first clue is “Billy Joel.” You will get two more clues this week (one tomorrow and one Friday) before you can guess which Bette project or life event all 3 words relate to. On Friday we will tell you how to submit your guesses for a chance to win tickets!

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3 thoughts on “TSMGO Bette Trivia Free Ticket Giveaway

    1. No, the answer was Oliver and Company, the 1988 full length animated film. Billy Joel played a scappy dog and Bette played the poodle Georgette. The movie was set in New York…

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