The Showgirl Must Go On Second Clue

Bette Midler The Showgirl Must Go On

Second clue: Hayward. Think about it, but remember not to guess early or give away any hints, otherwise we have to punish you. 🙂

The first clue is: Garland

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3 thoughts on “The Showgirl Must Go On Second Clue

  1. Hopefully I’m responding to this in the correct manner. the answer is who were Bette’s sisters named after. If third clue is Davis, it’s Who were the Midler sisters named for.

    1. I’ll post the email address of where the answers are to be sent. I have nothing to do with the contest except spreading the news….to win the tickets you had to have gotten the first 3 set of clues right….the answer to that was Oliver and Company…..this one about Garland and Hayward is the second part of the contest….

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