Theatre: More First Wive’s Club Reviews

My friend Marc has a great site called Deep Dish and he’s been covering the show much more than I have, so I’m going to direct you to him: Click Here Supposedly none of the reviews were as bad as the one I put up. Oh just leave it to me to find the bad one…

Now you know I am one to self promote. My last article I wrote caused a little hell fire here in Nashville that I wasn’t expecting, but I’m oh so grateful…I needed the money. I just finished a new article: Feared gay ordinance 2nd reading moved to Thursday night: Nashville seems primed and ready: Click Here

This is about the only way I make my money so please read or click on the link. The last article bordered on offensive (needed to be), but this article is the real thing….so I run hot and cold….just like in real life…LOL Anyway, thanks in advance for your support.

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