Off To Kansas City To See Spencer In “The Rose”

Well, I’m off to Kansas City to see Spencer work his magic in the theatre production of “The Rose.” I’m very excited. I will try to check in if possible. Time is of the essence.

In the meantime I got permission to do the birthday fundraiser from the home office, so if you’re interested, please take this poll. It will decide whether we go through with it or not. I really can’t think of a reason not to do it, but I could be overlooking something. I think I’ll just let you set your own amount instead of playing adding games with her age…..maybe increments of 10.00 and up….we’ll see. First I need to see how many people are interested then we’ll decide as a community how to do it. To take the poll: CLICK HERE

I will see you ladies and germs later. Have a fabulous weekend. I’ll try to check in if I can.

Love, Mister D

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3 thoughts on “Off To Kansas City To See Spencer In “The Rose”

  1. the fundraiser has always been done by someone else and is done every year. why are you trying to take it over?

    1. That fundraiser hasn’t been done in years as far as I know. If that’s not the case, then tell the person to contact me, simple as that, and I will straighten it out at the home office.

  2. Okay…I checked with the home office and they know nothing about any yearly birthday fundraisers by a certain person which is what I thought. If you are who I think you are who did a few about 8-10 years ago…there’s no copyright on that, but I’d be willing to let you take credit for it. I could care less. The point is about making a donation to NYRP for Ms Midler’s birthday. Would you like to work together, contribute, or what?

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