Dueling Birthday Fundraisers? Is It Really A Problem?

Hey Dudes and Dudettes:

I just got back from 8 hours at the allergy doctors undergoing a rapid desensitization of allergy shots which in layman terms means 6 months of shots in one day. And boy do my arms hurt. Anyway, I came home to an ugly note sent to me by a best friend of the guy who wrote it (hmmmmm)…..goes like this:

Just wondering why someone would try to take over my Happy Birthday Bette fundraiser and cause discord in the Bette fan community? So silly. Too bad they can’t ever find something original to do instead of appropriating others works…Thanx! ~ ~ ~ Seafree (Jude)… Surfin’ the Web Without a Wave! ~ ~ ~

Now, I know everyone is already sick of hearing about the fundraiser. I’ve been talking about it alot and I apologize, but you have to to get something like that off the ground. Now, this message. Yes, this person used to do Bette birthday fundraisers….I even politely helped him on one…..the last was 6-8 years ago. That is the last time he did a birthday fundraiser and that’s fine. He did a great job on these. Ever since then he has been a simpering, jealous, hateful little gnat. I’ve tried to make amends countless times but he really must believe in holding grudges. So Fine. That’s all I have to say on the matter. He knows I’m right and so do his friends who for some reason keep protecting him, even though I’ve been able to maintain friendships with them. Go figure. I’m over it and this is the last I will talk about it.

This year I decided I’d do one without even thinking of him and I started it first. I got the ball in motion, the contacts, and then a presentation to Ms. Midler.

I’m not trying to divide the Bette community and I don’t see what’s so wrong with 2 birthday fundraisers unless you are out to compete for something. I’m not out to compete with anybody and I’ve made all my contacts so it’s too late for me to back out now. So I’m not, but I probably will slow down my efforts because the fun of doing something good has been taken out of it.

I love Bette Midler. I’ve devoted practically every day of my life for 8 years keeping this site going. There’s nothing original about a birthday fundraiser, but it can be fun raising money for someone you admire and giving back to her through her own charity. That’s her prized possession. That’s what I wanted to do and in the meantime it also gave many the opportunity to express their feelings to her in a card or short note with a check. Mary Russell will be developing and creating a beautiful memory box for all the cards/letters/checks to go into. NYRP should get this before the OCT 1 start date.

So is their a division? NO Choose whichever fundraiser you want. This is not a competition as far as I’m concerned. It should be looked at as two people trying to do a good thing.

Love, Mister D

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8 thoughts on “Dueling Birthday Fundraisers? Is It Really A Problem?

  1. Honey, this is Cris…just back from the dead. After all the trouble I had with the internet provider, here I am. And I got a fabulous broad band connection. LOL! Anyways, I got good wine to celebrate it. Can I tell this people who haven`t got a life to fuck off???? I bet a hundred bucks Bette would agree with me we should all mind our own business…LOL! HAVING SAID THAT, I`ll keep driking my expensive wine…I love that expression too, hon. And I guess I`m using it right. LOL! And yes,I love Bette and you, but no,I`m not sending any money…I live in Brazil, for God`s sake…LOL! Love you till pieces…Cris.

    1. Cris….you know I’m going to love you no matter what you do. You are you…always have been….Love, Don

  2. How sad Mr. D. Shouldn’t the purpose be to help a great organization???? and not to be in competition.

    These are tough times certainly so, if you can give do so. If you can’t thats ok too—that other fella should take the time it took to write a nasty note to you and try to help someone else. Focus that energy in a new direction.

    Hang in there Mr. D.–you’re doing great things, for all good reasons… Six hours of allergy shots? yuck–hope you’re feeling better.

    1. Linda: LOL I got more packages from you….thanks so much. As for the other fella, he’s had a long standing feud with me which all boils down to the baseness of jealousy and a deep hatred of me that he can’t seem to get over. I’ve tried in the past to make ammends, but nothing works, so I stopped playing around. Sometimes I catch myself playing his bitter game and that’s when I feet the worse for wear. So I’ll just try to keep my focus on the fundraiser as a friend suggested. Thanks so much for the DVD’s. MY arms hurt like hell this morning. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up at 5;00 AM which is poison to me….:-)

      Love, Don

  3. Don. All I can say is you do A fantastic job keeping us Bette fans up to date with what she’s up to. I for one am grateful you use all your spare time to do the BLB site, long may it continue and my money’s on you. From all UK fans a big thank you.

  4. Unka Donnie —– owwwwie owwwie owwwwie Hope the allergy blitz helps.

    You already know how I feel about all this kerfluffle. Some folks just are who they are and then there are those… (I have a looooong memory).

    Don’t know why anyone would bother you with that silly little note. I too received one and responded in an appropriate manner ( spam blocker is so much fun).

    Anyway I hope the fund raiser is a smashing success and I for one plan on scraping my pennies together and shipping them off to NYRP

    Keep reminding us of dates and instructions — my forgetter works way tooo well

    Miss Jane

    1. Thanks Miss Jane…some things never change. I guess when you turn 50, retire, and all you have to do is eat and sleep you find trouble. I have better things to do. Yes, I hope it’s a success…if I raise any money at all I’ll consider it a success…LOL

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