Smug Mutha: On A Natural High by Michael B.

I met Bette last Sat Aug 15 & mentioned that you said “hi.” She said “we’ve had a lot of people through here this week that know Don, he’s fabulous.” I told her you were my source for all things Bette & she said you know more about what’s going on in her life than she does & she laughed.


Mister D: After that paragraph was written, Michael said he was on a natural high and it’s been quite over a week. LOL Anyway, he had a great time and said he and Ms. Midler spoke briefly about her Vegas and Kiss My Brass shows and how much he loved them. She asked his name and where he was from. He gushed about what a wonderful live entertainer she is and then she gave him a big fat hug and it was all over. And Michael is still floating in the clouds. But I want to thank him for sending what he could remember. This was awesome.

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