Bette In People Magazine…

Mister D: Marissa P, 15 years old, wrote in to tell everyone that while she was grocery shopping with her mom today she was flipping through People magazine (the one with the tribute to Patrick Swayze) and on page 40 was a pic of Bette, SJP, and Babs Walters from the Oscar de la Renta party during fashion week. She also saw a picture of Tim Gunn from Project Runway and in the background there was an NYRP logo.

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4 thoughts on “Bette In People Magazine…

  1. That is very cool! Marissa is my best friend, so of course it was the first thing she told me at school, but still it’s cool. It scares me sometimes how Riss finds this stuff!

  2. Marissa I think it’s so amazing that you find all of this stuff. I always look forward to hearig your Bette stories. I think Bette is great! She is the Divine Miss M!

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