CountDown: 3 More Days Till Fundraiser Begins…

Just a reminder that our fundraiser starts in three days on Thursday, Oct 1, 2009. You have plenty of time to save and give, too since the end date is 11-28-2009….so, as Tim Gunn says, “make it work.” I’ll remind everyone each week to give/donate to the cause which is the Bette Midler Birthday Fundraiser For NYRP…donating to her favorite charity is the best gift you can give her for her birthday. I’ll supply a link to the directions/rules on what to do below.

Mary Russell has been kind enough to make a memory box which has already been sent to NYRP to collect your checks (with cards/notes) and CC receipts so Miss M can see who participated. Mary handpainted everything freehand and we should all give her a round of applause even if we look silly doing it by ourselves. Here’s a link to the box and some of the original photos that inspired the paintings: Click Here Bette loves homemade things, so she should love this for sure!

Now, here come the hard part, following directions. You must follow these directions to the letter so that our fundraising money gets counted correctly. Actually it’s quite easy, but please read the material from beginning to end. If you have any questions then please ask me. My contact information is on the left sidebar. To view the directions: Click Here

**I’d like to stress, that this is a fundraiser. Do not send cards or letter without some type of donation please. If you want to send fan mail, there is an address for that in the left sidebar. Thank you!**

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8 thoughts on “CountDown: 3 More Days Till Fundraiser Begins…

    1. Thank you Danielle!!! We will raise alot of money and Mary sure will appreciate the nice words you said about her box….Love, Mister D

  1. Hey Don

    One of the features of the magazine we’re revamping this week is the News & Entertainment Blog.

    If you like, and if it helps, I could promote the fundraiser through the magazine, and naturally I will make sure people know it is YOUR fundraiser, and I’ll naturally give props to everyone involved, namely Mary Russell and anyone else you think needs a shout-out of praise.

    Cheers, Michael

    1. That would be fabulous Michael….thank you so much. Can you send a link when you’re through if it’s an online mag? No matter, just thanks

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