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Bette On The Joy Behar Show – The Vids

Bette On Joy Part I

Bette On Joy Part II

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27 thoughts on “Bette On The Joy Behar Show – The Vids

  1. I loveeeeeee!!! She looks so fucking great! GORGEOUS!!! Your hair oh my…they outfit so shining… like she
    thanks Don…I love you for this and more. love hun!

  2. I need this outfit for my nigths of know,
    Makeup, good girlfriends , my legs crossed in the chair of some bar (a good bar), high heel shoes, one drink (maybe 3). lol
    love a lot…

  3. Thanks for posting this, Mr. D. I only saw the 1st half so this was great to see. Thought Bette was her usual charming self, super-beautiful and articulate. Brava!

    Kisses to you too, dear. XOXOX

  4. Thanks Mister D for posting this! I saw the first part and then the show was over. I thought I was going to throw the tv! haha, so thank you for sharing this! She looks absolutely fantastic. Love the hair, her skin…everything! Have a great week!!! Luv.

  5. THANK YOU, DON!!!!!!!!!!! you’re the BEST. Well….after Bette, of course!! I knew you’d come through straight-away on this. Esp. for those who don’t get the show to begin with; and then to assuage some of ‘our’ anger…those of us who have cable companies who pre-empted the last segment! (what dorks!)
    OK….I can sleep better tonight!
    Many thanks…AGAIN!

  6. Thanks Don for posting this. Bette looked great, her hair was very pretty and her complexion fabulous. I really loved the part in the interview when she was talking about retirement and she said I’m not retiring and you can’t make me. It was good to her her say that again. : )

  7. Here is the thing…when you have someone like Bette as your first guest, you should give her more than a 15 min window (w/commercial). She was just getting warmed up.
    And here is another thing…Joy never got to ask her any of the questions posted on her website, why ask for them if your not leaving time?
    I love Joy (and Bette, DUH!)and I hope her show is successful, she is very witty, clever and well educated, something you don’t always see on TV.
    Good luck to Joy!!

  8. omg…. Bette looks amazing, gorgeous! unbeliveable! 🙂 OMG OMG … CANT WAIT TILL 20th,, finally i will see Bette In Vegas!!!! 🙂 🙂 ,,i will kick some ass” 😀

  9. Thank ou so much for Posting that, I do not have cable, but was trying so hard to find a copy of the show, or at least someone who has cable lol. I’m glad to know she is not retring and OMFG She looks GREAT

  10. Thank you for this! I was already hoping someone would put it up on the internet from the very moment I knew about this show :o) Cable or no cable, if you’re living abroad you can’t watch it anyway! So thanks!

  11. Don,

    Thank you!! That was great to watch! It was so nice to see her again…I saw her in August, she was AMAZING! She looks great! Thanks for posting these. Especially for us Full time College kids that gotta study all the time. Ooh, she talked about the President, that counts for Govt. 201 for today!
    Thanks, Don! >:o)


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