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Oct. 2, 2009

I’ve never been a big Bette Midler fan– other than her amazing duet with Bob Dylan on “Buckets of Rain“– but yesterday she was on CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck‘s old home, with Joy Behar. It was Behar’s debut on the network and she and Bette spent some time talking about the serious consequences of ranting maniacs like Glenn Beck could have on the country’s social fabric. Take a look:

Beck then went on the air to call her a cancer and make fun of her music and movies and wallow in victimhood. Meanwhile, the Beckoids over at Newsmax have taken down John Perry column calling for a military coup against Obama. I guess they’re embarrassed by their publishing miscalculation.

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11 thoughts on “Bette’s Point Has Some Impact On The Right…

  1. what a &*$#head. I mean really…this woman does A LOT for different causes, has many awards and this idiot calls her a “cancer.” I am to angry for words at this point. Get a life, Glenn Beck…what talent do YOU have other than scaring the little conservatives?

  2. Don read how I told him off. I live in Washington DC, and Glenn Beck came here once and talked at George Wshington University…he got booed off the stage. I hate people who think they are the only ones who are able to express their rights and no one else is able to. If the freedom of speech is a God Given Right set down so that all people are able to put there two cents in, who the hell gives him the right to think of himself being the only one to excersie that right?
    He’s an asshole.

  3. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are nothing but clowns that are good at entertaining their base, but when it comes down to the real brass knuckles stuff they don’t have that much pull except for the loonies….and those are the people we need to worry about.

  4. Hey, did Glenn Beck call he her a cancer on his show or something? Does anyone know where it is on youtube, I want to see this asshole in person. First off, I don’t even get how saying that hateful speech and people who don’t listen to others views but forcefully push their views on others makes you a cancer? That doesn’t even make any sense. And the only reason he is freaking out is because it was on his old network and he could have potential viewers there. Other wise he would’t give a shit what Bette Midler said about him. It’s not like the first time anyone has ever said anything derogatory about him, and it won’t be the last.

  5. Thanks I found it. Actually I was just looking at some of his stuff more closely on youtube. He kinda scares me too. He like poured gasoline on his guy saying Obama was going to do that to the American tax payer.

    1. I’ve been following him for a while until I just couldn’t take him any more. Same with O’Reilley. I like to keep my eye on the “adversaries.” I even do it on a personal level…though I know some try to run and hide, I always know what they’re doing. As long as I know they can’t hurt me I’m fine. I’ve had too many threats not to take any one of them lightly….

  6. Wow, it doesn`t take a strong argument to have an impact on stupid people no no content to their discussions whatsoever…Don, my dear, I`ve been working my butt off…if I make it throught this week, I`ll write to you..otherwise, just send a condonlence note to my mom…LOL!

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