Michael Holloway: Boomer Hot 2009

What is Boomer Hot, you may ask?

Boomer Hot is earned by growing into life full throttle. When life gets messy–if you’re Boomer Hot, life does get messy once in awhile (it’s part of what makes you interesting), you handle it with grace and honesty–or discretion. And then, there’s that sex appeal”¦the charisma. It’s in the eyes…in the demeanor. The intensity is right there. You see it. You feel it. Most of the Boomer Hots don’t take themselves too seriously and most have a wonderful sense of humor.

Plus, Boomer Hot is about doing something bigger than you. Creating”¦

In a Nutshell: This is Boomer Hot

Smart, charismatic, successful in their chosen fields, happy, sense of humor, beauty–inner and outer, at ease with themselves, have an opinion, entertaining, and interesting. Creating something bigger than themselves. At times messy, make mistakes and learn from them.

Here is some more information about our annual contest.

Last year Cher was number one Boomer Hot Female and Val Kilmer was number one Boomer Hot Male.
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The poetry book by Val is rare and is being auctioned at eBay for up to $300 or more. The book Kilmer so graciously donated for a lucky reader is autographed, he also sent an autographed the music CD he recorded, too.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Holloway: Boomer Hot 2009

  1. Hey Don

    Thanks so much for advertising our contest, that’s so kind of you, my friend. I’m just now working on my article for Bette’s birthday fundraiser, and will send you the link when that’s ready.

    Cheers, Michael

  2. Has she ever done anything to show her appreciation for our donations or card/birthday wishes besides a “thank you” through her assistant before? I would feel better donating if I knew she would actually say or do something for the BLB fans to show she really appreciated it. She didn’t do anything last year. It was a bummer. Maybe that’s asking for too much… but it would be nice.

    1. It’s a fair question and the answer is not really, but you never know if it will or not. But it’s the thought that counts and knowing that she is going to get it. I feel your pain believe me and have questioned it myself. But it’s for a good cause and it shows my appreciation towards her and all that she does. And I have the opportunity to bring ya’ll along with me on the ride. It’s fine to post the question here. I just wish I had a better answer for you…..

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