Shayna Steele…And the chaos begins…8/30/09

Shayna Steele, Bette’s current background vocalist in the The Showgirl Must Go On, writes in to say that it is true she will be in the Sex And The City sequel. She begins taping next week! Not only that, but her brand new album will be released November 2, 2009 and she will be performing a big show that night at The Canal Room in New York City. Tickets are on sale now! So if you’re going to be in the area, get those tickets now! Here’s the link: Click Here

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2 thoughts on “Shayna Steele…And the chaos begins…8/30/09

  1. CONGRATULATIONS TO SHAYNA! Oh my boyfriend is gonna pee his pants when he hears about this (he’s a HUGE SATC fan and we met Shayna, Jordan, & Kamillah after Bette’s show in June).

  2. Hey, does anyone know if the canal room allows people under 17 to come in? If I can go, I don’t need a repeat of the last time I went to a concert. lol Thanks

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