Target Bronx Community Garden

Bette Midler Restoration Project “Target Bronx Community Garden”
Written by Veg Star Staff on October 6th, 2009

Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project (NYRP) was set to open the Target Bronx Community Garden today.

The NYRP is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and revitalizing parks, community gardens and public space in New York City.

The Target Bronx Community Garden connects the already existing Anderson Community Garden with the adjoining Woodycrest Community Garden to create an even bigger multi-use space.

“Once again we are thrilled with the work that Target and Sean Conway have done to make this garden a vital part of the neighborhood,” said Bette Midler, Founder of NYRP. “We applaud the ongoing commitment that Target has to underserved communities. Like NYRP, they recognize that each time they help create a beautiful oasis in a neighborhood, they invest in the future of the whole city.”


Combining two adjacent properties provided the unique opportunity to create one large multi-functional open space not often found in urban neighborhoods. From the entrance at Woodycrest Avenue, garden visitors will pass through a small grove of trees which commemorate the lives of those lost in a tragic neighborhood fire in 2007. Next visitors will enter into a large open area which contains a large grass space for celebrations and gatherings, an outdoor kitchen where visitors can prepare meals al fresco, an elevated wooden sundeck, newly planted fruit trees and a berry patch, as well as raised open plots for community vegetable gardening. A third feature of the garden is the renovated rock outcropping which highlights the rugged natural beauty of this Bronx neighborhood. The elevated slope faces the community’s public elementary school on Anderson Avenue and will provide a welcoming invitation for neighborhood children to explore the outdoors in their own back yard.

Green space brightens any neighborhood and encourages people to get out and get healthy.

Hats off to Bette and the NYRP!

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