Opening Of Target Bronx Community Garden

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One thought on “Opening Of Target Bronx Community Garden

  1. Thank you for this! I have to tell you that NYRP’s presence uptown is intense. Gardens and public spaces are evrywhere and they are just beautiful. I have a friend who lived in apartment in which book-ended a NYRP garden and it was gorgeousno matter what the season. The communities that these gardens call home in have embraced them and put them to such respectful use. I know we all come to this site because we love Bette Midler as a performer, but her legacy will inevitably be less about her work as an entertainer and more about her triumphs as a humanitarian when all is said and done. She and NYRP are changing lives uptown and in our city in a way that is beyond important. And how much do I love that you ALWAYS see Martin by her side?

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