A Message From Mary Russell

I was at the computer going down memory lane when I happened upon the Bootleg Betty Memory Box for donations to NYRP for the Divine Ones birthday.

This prompted me to look into how the donations were coming along. However, to my surprise, I found the box virtually empty!

I did a little research and found that last year over 1,000 Betteheads responded to the request to send birthday wishes to Bette. Doing the most complex math formula as I could muster, I realized if each of those people gave $5 we have a donation of $5,000 (I know you’re astounded at my mathematical genius). More research showed that the most Betteheads donated at one time to NYRP was around $10,000 years ago. However, considering the economic times we’re all in I don’t think Miss M would consider $5,000 a shabby donation!!!

I hesitated to donate at first thinking I don’t live in New York, so why donate? In researching the various parks and gardens to paint the box I realized just what a good thing NYRP was doing. Most gardens are in areas of economically depressed neighborhoods. They all brought communities together and those communities have sustained them in gorgeous conditions from the day they opened, several for numerous years. All of them involve kids and education for those kids about environment, food, and community support. Those kids will someday be grown ups and take this education fostered by Miss M’s organization to places around the globe!! Our impact has the potential to go much further than NYC. As we speak, other cities and states are looking into and utilizing ideas first put to public use by NYRP to “Green” their cities!!!

Last but not least, my donation comes from the heart. My husband lost over 25% of his income for over a year, my physical health cut my income nearly 75%, but through it all I had the support of my fellow Betteheads, the music of Bette and all the wonderful stories and hopes that all the BLB community members share to buoy my spirits. If it weren’t for the Divine One none of this would be in my life! Can I donate my measly $5 with pride? Sure I can because its going to something that makes Bette’s heart smile just like all the things and people she’s given me do!

Please donate! Let’s send our thanks and support to a truly worthwhile cause.

For the Bootleg Betty Happy Birthday Bette Fundraiser For NYRP Donation Directions: Click Here

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4 thoughts on “A Message From Mary Russell

  1. Wonderful message Mary! I just sent my card with a moderately generous check inside. Miss M has provided me with so much joy and entertainment for so many years I felt that it was the right thing go do and it is for such a good cause that is so dear to the “people’s DIVA” Miss Midler. Give what you can, even if if is $2.00 card with a $10.00 check! I know times are tough but Bette has been there for us in concert, DVD, talk shows, etc., whenever we need her! Again, thank you Mr. D for providing us with this space to express our love and appreciation for the DIVINE ONE! You are greatly appreciated!

  2. I’m having a really hard time financially right now, but I WILL be contributing. It just might take me another month before I can send in my check. I’m working on my card in the meantime.

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