Ecorazzi: Bette Midler Announces Star-Studded New York Restoration Project Fundraiser


Get out those wallets and get ready to bid! Bette Midler is raising some serious green for the New York Restoration Project and wants you to get involved.

Famous folks like John Mayer, Daniel Craig, Richard Branson, Steve Carrell, and many more have donated celebrity experiences to the organization, which are currently being auctioned at The fundraiser boasts over 100 “once-in-a-lifetime” prize packages, including:

* Lunch with Richard Branson during a week-long getaway at Necker Island
* Meet Robin Williams with VIP tickets to his NYC stand-up show
* Walk-on Role & Lunch on Set of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
* Meet Cher with VIP tickets & backstage passes to her Las Vegas show

The auction is already up and running and lasts until November 13, 2009. Want a exclusive celebrity experience? Visit to bid on one of the awesome prize packages.

And if this is all too expensive for the BLB fans, there’s always our Birthday Donation Fundraiser where you can donate however much you can afford. Read all about it: Click Here

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