I Kept My Promise – Vegas Bound For Bette’s Last Show

Barry and I will be in attendance for Bette’s last show, Jan 31, 2010 just as I promised. Not sure yet when we will arrive or where we will stay. That will come later. Just thought I’d let the Betteheads know.

Love, Mister D

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23 thoughts on “I Kept My Promise – Vegas Bound For Bette’s Last Show

  1. I’ll be there too! Saw her first show at Caesers and now her last. Kind of sad but I’m looking forward to it! Hope to see you there

  2. Hey, have fun I’ll be there too, do you know if they will close The Bette Midler Store on that day,before or after.

  3. Mister D I’m jumping with Glee.
    Have just purchased Smug Martha Tix for Jan 17. I will meet Bette on my birthday OMG. This a been a dream of mine since i was 4 years old and now it is finally coming true, Cause “Only the one’s who believe ever see what they dream ever dream what true”right.
    So Little Ezza from Australia’s dream is finally coming true. Wowza soooooooooooooo excited. I’ll keep you posted.
    Love ya Mister D XXXOOOXOX

  4. All the Betteheads should get together while in Vegas for Bette’s last show! What do you think? It’d be neat to meet you Mister D.!!

  5. I spent a few hours contemplating whether I wanted to buy a ticket for the final show or buy the smug ticket for an earlier date, I chose the smug ticket for the 26th. It was really a tough decision for me, but I thought I will probably never have a chance to actually meet her again. Have a fabulous time and cronicle your experience!!! I can’t believe how fast these past 2 years have flown by……….

  6. hey Don!! Congrats on getting to go!!!!
    Please, I beg you, can you or Barry slip me in a suitcase and take me too???? lol. Im so happy you get to go!! Hugs !!

  7. That emotion Mister D, which most would give to be there that day!
    Now anxious wait this time! That happiness! Enjoy it and then share details of our beloved Bette. kisses

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