Bette’s Challenge! She Will Match Your Donation!

From NYRP: With your gift, NYRP will restore city parks and community gardens, improve our heath and neighborhoods by planting thousands of trees throughout the city, and introduce disadvantaged children to nature in their own backyards.

And with Bette’s Matching Challenge, your gift will be doubled to go twice as far. Here’s to a cleaner, greener New York!

Mister D: This could really help our cause–send in your donation for the BLB Happy Birthday Bette Fundraiser For NYRP and Bette will match your donation. Can you imagine her surprise when she sees how much she has to match, especially on her birthday. Well, for her it would!

So here’s the link to do that: Click Here (minimum donation…$10.00)

I’ll see if I can make the other donations count as matched, okay? But time is running down, so get your doantions in today…before December 1.

If you don’t see a comment box for online transactions, either write me at dtb@donbradshaw or to let them know your donation goes in to the Happy Birthday Bette BLB Fund….

Thanks for your time and patience!

Love, Mister D

PS: Don’t forget to read the instructions: Click Here

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12 thoughts on “Bette’s Challenge! She Will Match Your Donation!

  1. Mister D thanks for posting! I hope this will stir up more excitement about the fundraiser……..Please let us know if the checks mailed in the card will still count!! Thanks for everything you do!

  2. I am really really excited about sending Bette a birthday card with a cheque for the NYRP because at least I know she’s going to recieve it 😀 I’ve written a poem for the NYRP which I’m also going to send. I’m gona do it tomorrow if I can. Does it have to be a cheque or can it be cash? I’d prefer to send a cheque. Sorry I babble a lot. 🙂

  3. Ok. I did donate to that but it never gave me a comment box to write “Happy Birthday Bette – BLB” Soooo… idk what to do. 🙁

    1. Amanda…all you have to do is write: and let her know that you made a donation today for the BLB fundraiser and she’ll take care of it. Just give her your name and how much you donated. And thank you so much!!!!

  4. hi mr. d,

    i will send a money order from australia tomorrow but will ensure it goes express post so should only take a few days.

    it is only a small donation but every little bit helps!!!!!!!

    thank you so much for the reminder,


  5. Hey Don

    I just posted my international Money Order for Bette’s birthday donation. I sent it in the same envelope as the card, I hope that was OK.

    On the money order, I asked them to put *KRISTEN DOUGHERTY-HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTE – BLB* on there as indicated, but they said it was too long and shortened it to *KRISTEN DOUGHERTY-HAPPYBIRTHDAY BLB*. I hope this goof up won’t affect my donation getting there OK and going to our beloved Bette.

    I did write *HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTE – BLB* as indicated on the card, and the envelope though.

    Cheers, Michael

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