Bette To Appear On The Alan Carr Chatty Man Show (UK) – (Thanks Carina)

Carina writes in from the UK to let us know that Bette Midler will be on the Alan Carr Chatty Man show on Channel 4, Thursday 17th December at 10pm. She will be discussing her Best Bette Deluxe Edition CD, which includes a DVD of Diva Las Vegas. The DVD is a region 2! Also, I’m told she will not sing….

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8 thoughts on “Bette To Appear On The Alan Carr Chatty Man Show (UK) – (Thanks Carina)

  1. Oh my Word, this is great news & one of the best things Bette could be on. Alan is so Funny & down to earth & rude so I can imagine it will be a Very Funny & Camp interview!!! I can’t wait X

  2. I’m so excited this will be hilarious!! Bette and Alan together will be tv gold! Wish she was singing though, I read JLS are singing their new song.

  3. I think she will do paul ogrady. He likes her and he had her picture on his desk yesterday (prob because of her birthday). So excited for the next few weeks 😀

  4. Can anyone tell me if “Best Bette Deluxe Edition” with the bonus DVD of Diva Las Vegas is available in the states? I can only find the import version which I don’t think will play in USA DVD Players. I have been waiting for Diva Las Vegas to come to DVD forever! Also, does anyone know if “The Showgirl Must Go On” will ever come to DVD?

    1. No, it’s only available as an import and is a region 2 DVD, so it doesn’t play in US players. Yes, this sucks! I was told there would be no DVD of TSMGO. Here’s to hoping they change their minds…

  5. Who ever is in charge of marketing Bette should be fired! There are so many great concerts that should be on DVD…”Kiss My Brass”…”Divine Miss Millenium”…and the list goes on! Jeez….almost everything Streisand does is released on DVD and they sell well!

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