Tori Amos Talks Bette (Thanks Paul)

Mister D: One of our BetteHeads, Paul, writes in to give us this lowdown on Tori Amos which I am thrilled to hear since I am such a fan of hers. Here goes, straight from Paul:

Hey, My two favourite ladies are Tori Amos and Bette Midler, so I was thrilled when I saw Tori Talking about Bette..

“If given the choice, Tori says her ideal sing-along buddy would be Bette Midler, who starred in “The Rose” in 1979 and sang the legendary song of the same name.

“How great to have a sing-along with her?” Amos asked. “She always was to me, just a performer, you just wanted to go wherever she was going. And, that’s the thing about great entertainers”

I would possibly die of happiness if they did duet. Its taken from the article here:

Tori also talks about how she started singing in gay bars too.

Thanks Paul!!!

Love, Mister D

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4 thoughts on “Tori Amos Talks Bette (Thanks Paul)

  1. Tori was always a favorite of mine too. She was always tied with Bette and Sarah McLachlan as my favorite performers. Bette always came out on top, of course, but Tori and Sarah always inspired me in different ways. Still love them, always will.

  2. I wish they sang together. Or i wish Bette did a cover of “Digital Ghost” by Tori… or “Jackie’s Strength”. I like Tori even more now

  3. Cheers for video link, it is lovely seeing her talk about Bette (and Joni too). I love the “she’ll still be playing long after im dead”

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