Spoiler Alert: What Happens On Ellen Tomorrow (Thanks Bill)

I was in the audience for the show today. First off, everyone was really excited that Bette was there. I was wearing one of my Bette tshirts and several other audience members, and a few of the crew, said how much they liked it.

Bette’s interview was first and she looks terrific (of course). She mainly talked about her Vegas show ending and how much she needs a break. She gave Ellen a gift bag of a bunch of things from her Vegas giftshop (including a HARLETTES thong, which Ellen put on over her clothes). Ellen then played a game with her where Bette had to answer several things (eg. If she yodels and if she knows the name of a Jonas brother). She also, at one point, said the word “goddammit” which I am sure will somehow be edited out of the broadcast tomorrow.

All and all in nice little interview, but I was of course hoping for a song, which did not happen. I had the pleasure of sitting right next to Ellen’s mom, Betty, and she was very sweet and I could tell she was enjoying Bette.

Although not announced on the air, we audience members had a nice little surprise on our way out the studio: free copies of THE SAGA OF BABY DIVINE!

I hope everyone enjoys the interview tomorrow which was if nothing else, a lot of fun.

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