Streisand turns down $100 million Vegas offer

Mister D: Bette Midler failed? I don’t think so….
Streisand turns down $100 million Vegas offer
Feb 9, 2010
Last Update: 10:34 am

Superstar Barbra Streisand has turned down a massive $100 million offer to take up a residency in Las Vegas, according to reports.

The Woman In Love singer, 67, has allegedly been approached to follow in the footsteps of Cher, Celine Dion and Bette Midler by signing a three-year contract with a Sin City promoter.

A source tells, “After Celine Dion left Vegas, no one has been able to replace her. Bette Midler failed, Cher is trying, only Barbra is guaranteed to succeed.

“She’s an international star and the only performer in the world that would make people flock to Vegas year after year.”

But the veteran entertainer is not interested in the bumper pay check and has rejected the deal in favor of a summer 2010 tour.

The insider adds, “Money has never been a deciding factor in her career. She plans on touring again this summer instead.”

Streisand proved her superstar status in October when she stunned music experts by storming to the top of the U.S. album charts with her 63rd release, Love Is the Answer, beating Paramore and Mariah Carey to the coveted spot.

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26 thoughts on “Streisand turns down $100 million Vegas offer

  1. Now I love Barbra’s music. I mean you can’t debate it. Her voice was amazing! But frankly, she seems like a bitch and stuck up. When she was in demand she was so rude to people. (making them get her over the top special things etc.) And I know you can’t believe all you read, but she seems mean. And of course she will not tour THATS WHY SHE IS SO POPULAR. SHE NEVER TOURS SO EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE WHEN SHE DOES EVERYONE GOES BECUASE THEY KNOW THEY WILL PROBABLY NEVER GET THE CHANCE! Has nothing to do with her talent.

  2. LOL thats all I could do when I read that they said Bette Midler Failed…..hmmmmmm if thats failing I would be scared of succeeding! ha ha Go Bette!

    1. When you said “sexy” I just assumed you were talking about me….LOL Write below where you submit your comment….below the Submit button it tell you how to upload your ‘gravatar” or profile pic…..

  3. I just ignored that part about bette being a faliure becuase stats from the shows show that she was not a faliure so him saying that is dumb.

  4. Everytime u posted a weekly concert gross, Bette was always number one. How does that make her run a failure?? I just don’t get it.

    1. They’d have to explain it to me….I don’t buy it. Caesar’s also tried to get her to stay, so go figure….

  5. Danielle, sweetie…can you please give specific examples of Barbra “demanding” special things? When exactly? She just likes to be in control, likes to be photographed from the left, likes to strive for perfection. I can’t really see how that makes her a bitch. It’s just Barbra, plain and simple.

    Also…Barbra has fans because of her AMAZING talent. She doesn’t tour often because she doesn’t like it very much. She gets horrible stage fright. Money ISN’T a driving factor in her career choices. It’s her TALENT that has gotten her where she is today, not the fact that she is “a bitch”. If you like her music, then obviously you know she is talented, and it is that TALENT that would make people flock to come see her. Barbra can debut at #1 without a single interview and zero promotion. She doesn’t HAVE to tour or perform, her fans stick by her because lets face it, she’s never let us down.

    I don’t think Bette’s engagement was a failure. Anything but. Everyone flocked to see her. It just wasn’t as long and as CRAZY as Celine “the howling banshee” Dion’s show was. Unsure how that makes Bette a failure. An extremely unfortunate and completely wrong choice of words for the writer of this article.

    I’ll forever remain a huge fan of both of these great ladies. I love them both for their TALENT and uniqueness.

  6. who’s the dumbass who consider’s Bette’s run a failure???? if i ever find him/her, i’ll punch them in the nads!

  7. Bette’s Vegas run was by no means a failure and I love her to pieces!

    Barbra has the most beautiful voice in the business and has broken every record to prove it. Why on earth would she agree to a 3 year Vegas gig for $100 million when she can pull that in with one short tour? She pulled in $119.5 million on her last tour alone.
    Barbra has won 8 Grammy Awards plus The Grammy Legend Award & The Grammy Lifetime Achievment Award. She has won Two Academy Awards!
    She also has recorded more than 60 Albums with 50 of them going Gold….30 of them going Platinum and 13 of them going Multi Platinum. In 2009 she had her latest Album debut at #1 on The Billboard Top 200 & she is almost 70 years old!
    Barbra is a musical legend and so is Bette!

  8. You’re welcome. I have seen both Barbra & Bette many times. Each puts on a great show and it is just a different experience seeing each one. There is no denying that both artists are brilliantly talented and both should be celebrated for all their accomplishments.

  9. Let’s all calm down a little. Thank God Erica was balanced on her post and didn’t turn this conversation into a cat-fight with Danielle. Once I left a Liza Minnelli forum because most of what they did was to fight over Minnelli X Streisand.

    According to Jack’s text, Barbra’s acomplishments are impressive and I do believe that she can make the US$ 100,000,000.00 with fewer tour concerts then a plethora of Vegas concerts. (The zeros in the figure make it even more impressive, don’t you think?) Of course money, though extremely important, is not the main driving force in Streisand’s career. To my knowledge she hasn’t been on the Home Shopping Network selling Thigh-Masters or promoting a Psychic Network.

    The Showgirl Must Go On, reportedly, cost 10 million dollars to produce. It seems that the show grossed 65 million. That should be used to pay that cost, maintain the show and share the profits among AEG, Caesars and The Divine One. I have no means to know this kind of stuff, but I imagine Miss M, personaly, made something between 10 to 35% of the 65 million. That’s really a good amount of money. God knows, most of us would live our whole lives in bliss if we ever got 6.5 million dollars only once.

    But I understand what the writer tried to say. He said that Bette wasn’t able to duplicate Dion’s numbers and that Cher is trying. I guess Celine’s numbers were much better than Bette’s. I believe she was able to cut an even sweeter deal when she extended her run at The Colosseum. A former Brazilian Caesars Vice President said before Midler’s premiere that, he thought, Cher would be better than The Divine One but they couldn’t reach an agreement with her. At the time, I wanted to kill him for saying that on TV. But I always worried about Miss M and her power to attract people to Vegas in continous flows. She also had to perform during this terrible economy. It made things much more difficult.

    I’d like to have The Colosseum numbers on Miss M. I’d like to know, from the ones who attended the show DURING the run, not opening week or closing week, how full was the place. If the house had been packed the whole run, I’m almost sure, The Divine One would go on as the title says. I guess manegement didn’t want to bet on Miss M or offered her less for future concerts and Bette decided it wasn’t worth it. It’s a lot of pressure having to fill a 4,000-seat-venue as The Colosseum. Even Steve Wynn’s supposed offer to Miss M could have played a role in ushering Bette out of a longer deal. If that comes to reality, which I really hope with all my being, she will have much less problems in filling Wynn’s venues at Wynn or Encore Las Vegas.

    Part of the matter is that the Midler name is not as powerful internationally as it is in North America, the UK and Australia. Miss M hasn’t been able to put out films in a steady way for years now. She hasn’t had a big recording company promoting her music internationally for quite a while. Her one-off deals with Sony (The songbooks and Cool Yule) were classy and important to her catalog, but hardly hits. I guess we made them gold certified, am I correct, Mr. D? But they weren’t like the Beaches soundtrack or Some People’s Lives. Miss M’s music is divine, still I miss Arif Mardin. It seems that his son’s postumous album project will never see the light of day…

    A record company’s promotion and support can be very useful. I, for one, have bought many US$ 5.00 Streisand CDs here in Brazil, while, at the same time, almost all Midler albums only come here as expensive imports. I, sometimes, have to fill my hunger for culture with Streisand products for lack of Midler products!

    Miss M also makes me angry for not releasing DVDs of her concerts. For heaven’s sake, much of what she does is on concert stages and if she doesn’t record the shows they will be gone forever. I keep watching and listening to Diva Las Vegas time and time again for having no other option! While Streisand fans have all her TV specials and big concerts out. I understand, the old Midler concerts may not be interesting for her to market because her image changed so much. But they could be sold for official club mambers only. There’s no reason for not releasing “The Divine Miss Millennium Tour”, “Kiss My Brass” and “The Showgirl Must Go On”. I guess she’s afraid people won’t go to her concerts if they have a DVD. That’s not true. Cirque du Soleil has released almost all her shows on DVD and still has packed house all around the world. They are exploiting my country right now! I guess they have 5 or 6 shows in Vegas at the same time: O, Zumanity, Love, Elvis etc. That’s really a well oiled machine.

    Brazilians are forgeting who Bette Midler is. Most of them don’t even know she is a singer!!! They got to know her through motion pictures.

    I better stop. I wrote too much.


      1. Thank you Jonathan. That’s what some of us tried to bring up to Steven Friess and one of his hideous columns about Bette not long ago….

  10. Well of course Bette’s numbers aren’t as impressive as Celine’s – she was there for 5 yearsn and not in the middle of a recession! Bette’s show was the most popular show of it’s time, and I would say Bette is more beloved than Celine or Barbra (who seem to divide audiences). Who knows! I just wish the losers that write these things would checl their sources before angering fans 😀

  11. Mr. D:

    Matt Goss isn’t Miss M’s replacement. I was shocked when you said that. I wondered how a virtually unknown would replace The Divine One in the premium Vegas venue. He’s going to perform at Cleopatra’s Barge, a night club. Take a look:

    “Date: Friday, March 12th, 2010
    See more dates!
    Time: 10:00 PM
    Price: $40 plus fees
    Venue: The Gossy Room at Cleopatras Barge
    Reservations: 1-800-745-3000
    Online Reservations

    Produced by Robin Antin, creator of The Pussycat Dolls, Goss’ show will offer a dynamic blend of musical talent. Backed by a 9-piece band and sexy female dancers known as The Dirty Virgins, Goss, who has sold more than 17 million albums worldwide in his career, will entertain guests with a full-blown production featuring a mix of his career hits, songs from his new album and popular covers. Recognized for appreciating the legendary Rat Pack performers in the show Goss performs “I’ve Got the World on a String” and “Luck be a Lady” recorded by legendary Frank Sinatra.”

    I had never heard of him before. He has gorgeous blue eyes though.


    1. I don’t remember saying that, but I guess I did. Maybe I was drunk and confused…LOL I can barely remember 5 minutes ago….I’ve never heard of him and he’s sold that many albums???? He does have nice blue eyes…very sexy…

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