What’s Your “Be My Valentine” Bette Song?

Supposing you losers have a Valentine or a pretend one, which Bette song would you share with them on Valentine’s Day to show your love and respect for? You can just name the song or if you want, you can go into the “why” of it….in the meantime I’ll have to do some serious thinking myself….28 years with the same person is….OY!!!!!!

Love, Mister D

PS: In case anyone was offended by the loser comment….it was a joke! You know I love you all. Yes, all!

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48 thoughts on “What’s Your “Be My Valentine” Bette Song?

  1. loser? for me it´s ok! I´m a loser of love. So I´m single! no more of 2 years with a man! some times 1 week! is so terrible! so I am loser..lol =(.. I want the song “GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH” of course for me. And for you Congratulations…28 years..you know I guess that it´s complicated but also lovely.

    love always!!!

  2. I was offended….so thanks.

    One song I would pick if my man wasn’t gay would be the classic Do You Wanna Dance.

  3. After 26 yrs, I have to stick w/the song that gets me every time (just like my man!):
    Do You Want To Dance

  4. For a new Valentine I’d choose “Nobody Else But You”. But for an enduring 28-year-old relationship I’d favor “To Deserve You”. Isn’t the latter one of the most gorgeous songs ever recorded? It was written by Maria McKee, produced and arranged by The Best Ears in Town, Arif Mardin (with Steve Skinner).

    1. I think To Deserve You is majestic in it’s beauty. It would have to be in my Top 3 favorite singles she’s recorded. BUT I deserve Barry…there’s no wanting about it…I just do…LOL But I’m glad you like it as much as I do…..

  5. My husband and I have been together 33 yrs and today is our 32nd wedding anniversary. I would select “Do You Wanna Dance?” as this was the first song I heard when he played “The Divine Miss M” album for me on the day we met.

  6. The most gorgeous song Bette has sang is Just the way you look tonight. Hopefully one of these valentines i’ll have someone to share it with and it’s my planned wedding song, thats if i ever get married! Especially at this rate! lol

    Congrats on 28 years!


  7. If I had a boyfriend, I’d choose noboby else but you (which me and my best friend were singing I’m French class today lol) an when I get married I plan to dance to I know you by heart 🙂 and for our first anniversary how about marriage movies Madonna and Mick lol?!

  8. Great topic Don 🙂

    since I dont have a Valentine and have no prospects… 🙁 I will just suggest a few IF I did actually have someone.

    I KNOW YOU BY HEART from Beaches

    MOONLIGHT DANCING from Some People’s Lives. such a great sensual song.

    IN MY LIFE from For The Boys. it may not be a song first done by Bette, but it is such a heart rending version.

    those are my choices. :)I could name a few more but I getting depressed here… lol

  9. Going through the Bette songs i love, except for DYWD, i would chose “Make Yourself Comfortable”. I think it’s such a sweet song, and with all the words she says to put her guy in the mood, it saves me the talking. Hehe

  10. For the romantic first date: “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes”, for the blissful second date “I Don’t Want the Night to End”, and for the forever-with-your-partner date, “Paradise”.

  11. My song to my husband is “Give of Love” off of Bette’s Some People’s Lives Album track 11. That is the song we danced our first dance to at our wedding. Been together 10 years this upcoming March 10th. It is the perfect song. My husband and I own a Bed & Breakfast and this Saturday night after we get done hosting the Murder Mystery that we write, produce, act in… we will be having a Valentine’s Ball for our guests. I already have 8 songs that are Bette “love songs” on the play list. Bette embodies the love song! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you Bette Heads!

  12. Well, I’m 24 And I’ve NEVER!! Had A Boy Friend, But If I Ever Do Happen To Get One And We Make It To Valentines Day And I Truely Love Him, I’m Pretty Sure The Song I Would Play Is “That’s How Love Moves”, I REALLY!! Love That Song 🙂

  13. Okay, this is really easy! The Perfect Kiss from Bette of Roses. This year marks my partner Kevin’s 12th Valentine’s Day together. I love him with all of my heart and we listened to and danced together to this song at a party 13 years ago, never knowing that several years later we would still be together! Well, we have added a few pounds and lots of debt together! Well, that’s love and commitment….. “Across the dreams of mercy bound, rooms so full of say you wil……

  14. Hmmmmm….. BTW, what is your Valentine’s song for your darling bunny boy Barry Mr. D? I am up attempting to bake Kevin’s mother’s oatmeal raisin cookie recipe which I am sure I will fail at terribly! Of course, he is sleeping!

    1. I said mine in the beginning….Make Yourself Comfortable or Come Rain or Come Shine….I like To Comfort You, too…..

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