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Mister D: Sorry, but I thought this was a horrific remake for a great cause. A few stand out performances from Streisand, Hudson, Pink, but autotune ruins the day for me….once again they leave people like Nancy Wilson, who can sing, languishing in the background, while autotuning someone who can’t sing in the foreground a la Justin Bieber.

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11 thoughts on “Video: We Are The World Remake

  1. My thoughts exactly…I know it’s for a great cause but the rap is obnoxious and the auto-tune is so stupid. Justin Bieber? That chick from Pussycat dolls? PLEASE!!! The old one is better-although I think Bette should have had a snippet instead of Bruce hogging it all. LOL.

    J-Hud, Celine and Pink (and a few others) rocked it out on the new one tho…overall: thumbs down.

  2. Horrible, horrible version of WATW. I agree with you Mister D…Streisand, Pink and Jhud were the only good parts of the song (and obviously Michael’s retained solos)…cant say I enjoyed Celine’s random screech of doom in the middle of the song, though! Haha!

    Autotune? Rap? Wtf was Lionel thinking? He’s such a respectable performer and really could have done a better job with this remake. Gag.

  3. Sad to say, it was an unnecessary re-make. I’d never heard Justin Bieber sing, and can’t believe how bad he is. As in, wow, you’re next door neighbor can sing better than that. Hate to trash it, because there’s a great cause involved, but in this case, more was less.

  4. well i think its great, i really really like it.. just i miss Bette from the remake.. sooo muchh.. i dont understand it..if they could put barbara and celin.. and gladys.. and etc… why they couldnt put Bette too…..
    and btw i think that justin bieber is a very great talent… like his music 🙂

  5. Perhaps they didn’t want anyone connected to the old version. Diana Ross isn’t in this cover as well.

    Please, what is auto-tune?

    I don’t like rap, so I preffer the old recording.


    1. For somebody that can’t quite hit the notes they can correct the notes with a computer, but it gives it a robotic type sound if used too much…..

  6. Uhm. I can’t even listen to the whole thing, that is bad. Micheal Jackson and Ray Charles are screaming from their graves over this version. The song in the 80’s, granted was not the best song ever written for a Live Aid/ Save Africa benifit, but it was still singable and still very much a big hit. This one however, It’s awful. What is with the cast also? I mean, rap mixed with country mixed with easy listen and then they throw in some actors…at least the orginial they could all carry a note…i mean…Jeff Brigdes?? Did ya all see The Big Lebowski? Need I say more? I mean, and just looking at some of their faces, they know its bad. Anyways, im done, theres my two cents.

  7. they should’ve had all the living memeber’s from the original sing and then called a few new choice people, but NOT justin beiber or miley cyrus!! and to tell you the truth, i don’t like Barbra streisand at all, i dont even like celine that much either and both of them were there! the 1 good thing about this (besides the great cause) is that they still had michael there!

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